“Show, Don’t Tell”- An Essential Element of A Great Landing Page

One of the biggest reasons why many landing pages suck is the lack of clear communication.

You may have CTAs like subscribe, start a free trial, get a demo and many more.

But if your users find it difficult to evaluate what using the product is actually like, they’re less likely to convert.

The challenge?

Products with complex features are difficult to explain without using too much text.

The solution?

“Show, don’t tell.”

Help users visualize the product features or the benefits that users will experience once they sign up.

Here's an example?

Landing page example

A little bit of context to understand the above example

With Wynter, you can:

  • Conduct message testing for website, ad, and email copy.”

  • Test with verified B2B audiences.”

  • Get qualitative insights.”

Since Wynter is unique in its category, it may be a little confusing for users to understand the features and benefits.

So they added visuals that show all the possible features of using their service.

In a nutshell:

To get this done for your products, ask yourself:

Is there any way I can showcase the features or benefits of my products via GIFs, images, videos?

Remember: Don’t just images just for the sake of it.

Add visuals only if that helps in clear communication.

Otherwise, it will lead to unnecessary doubts in the visitor’s mind.

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