Show IH: BuiltOnAir The best corporate training for Airtable

Airtable is one of the most popular no-code tool, but it also be super complex.
That's why we created 3 training course to master it.

The course are taught by our 2 Airtable experts, Ben Green and Jen Rudd. Ben teaches the Airtable Basics and Account Management courses, while Jen teaches the Integration course. We charge each $99 per person.

  • Airtable Basics- Getting Started
    This course is made up of 10 sections and teaches the foundational building blocks of Airtable. It covers topics from workspaces to bases, sorting to grouping, views to tables, and fields to relationships.

  • Airtable – Account Management
    This course has 4 sections to help you get the most out of your Airtable account. You will learn about the different pricing and plans, how to use the api, sharing permissions, and much more.

  • Intro to Integrations for Airtable
    This 7 section course really dives into integrations and how to use multiple software platforms with Airtable. You will learn how to navigate and use programs such as Zapier and Jotform.

We are super excited to launch this, feel free to give us your feedback about it!


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