June 30, 2020

Show IH: Colormate – Minimal color picker & organizer for macOS

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    Hey Seanr 👋

    I love this little tool, it's definitely close to solving a pain point for me.

    Have you given any thought to having colormate also generate pallets for you? Similar to https://paletton.com/

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      Thanks for checking it out! I haven’t put much thought into palette generation because there are several websites that do a great job at that if you want your palettes generated. Also they each have their own flavor and people may want to “shop around” or mix flavors for a palette. For now I’m just trying to make Colormate the best picker and organizer it can be. I think it’s useful even for people that entirely generate their palettes because you can save those palettes from different generators in one spot, quickly copy their CSS values, and tweak them if you want (e.g. create multiple shades of one of the colors).

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    Been looking for something like this for a long time, this looks perfect. Bought!

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      Thanks for trying it out!

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    Looks amazing!

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    Looks great, let me know if you want to put a link on HDRainbow.com

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    Nice landing page.