May 11, 2019

Show IH: Easy Sloper


I worked on this for months, put it away for years, and then picked it back up again :D

It's a website that lets you make a 'sloper' (a sewing pattern that fits like a second skin, and can be used as a building block for other custom fitting patterns). You go through the tutorial to take your measurements, and it generates the pattern for you!

Let me know what you think!

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    Also, I'm not sure how to go about spreading the word on this. I don't have a facebook but I made one for this, and I now need to verify my account... so any other ideas while I wait on that?

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      I'd suspect lots of sewing people hang out on Pinterest.

      I'd add some images to Pinterest. Perhaps of the generated patterns. Perhaps giving it a bit of a sell, e.g. 'How to make a sewing pattern in 2 minutes!'

      Also, surely there are FB groups where people talk about this kind of stuff.

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        Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll try out the pinterest route