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    Hi IH,

    I just started this new community for my email list. The goal is to give freelancers a place to share interesting links, news, and what they're working on. Sorta like r/freelance without the ban-happy mods.

    Would be quite interested in hearing what IH would like to see from a community like this. I know freelancing is a group in here, but I thought it could use it's own dedicated community.

    Please share your thoughts!


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    Great idea. There is no good info resources for freelancers yet. I am freelancing 15 years, and still feel alone in this niche. Wish you luck with this project.

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      Thank you! What kind of resources do you wish were out there?

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        As for me, I am interesting in freelancer's lifestyle and orginizing time. How freelaners spend their free time.

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    I'm thinking briefs/ job opportunities would be good. Plus, projects people are working on.

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      Great idea. I think I'm going to have a weekly job opportunities thread and a weekly "What you're working on" thead. Thanks for the good suggestions.

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      This comment was deleted a month ago.

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