Show IH: Fugu - Open-source, privacy-friendly product analytics

Hi all 👋

My name is Can and I've created Fugu because I couldn't find a product analytics software that focused on simplicity, was privacy-friendly, open-source and self-hostable.

Fugu Screenshot

Fugu is all that. I offer a cloud version for $9/month and think that's a better alternative for most people rather than self-hosting. You can always choose to host it yourself for free.

I'm just launching it today and it includes a set of basic features, most importantly tracking events with optional properties and being able to break down and analyze your data by your event and property values. I plan to add more features such as conversion funnels, property value filters and retention analysis (need to see how to implement this in a privacy-friendly way).

You can sign up for an account for free and start tracking your events in test mode. You'll need to subscribe before turning on live mode, though.

Fugu is built in Ruby on Rails with Postgres. I use chart.js to display the charts. The static page is built with Hugo. The Rails app is hosted with Digital Ocean, and the static page with Netlify.

You can learn more and create an account on the website: fugu.lol. Here's the GitHub repo.

Looking forward to your feedback.

PS: Thanks to @markosaric and @ukutaht from Plausible for being an inspiration for this project ❤️

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