Show IH: GDDO ~ a Newsletter sharing expired dotcom domain names you can buy & develop

ie. Great Domain Development Opportunities


So, long story short, the domain name bug bit me 15 years ago. Instead of buying domains to flip for profit, I prefer buying & building, and using generic, descriptive names as the impetus for each project.

I've got a full-plate these days, but being a domainer, I continue to surface other .com domains with development potential. I can't buy & build them all - hence a happy newsletter to share the overflow.

That's it in a nutshell. This is simply something I do every morning (remember, I'm addicted), and rather than let domainers buy them to flip for profit, I'd rather have builders buy them with an intention to develop. I welcome any constructive criticism. Or suggestions. I just shipped my 3rd newsletter.

Project background/stack:

  • I bought the GDDO.com domain name from expiration at Namejet/Snapnames in Dec of 2020 for $567
  • Newsletter being sent from EmailOctopus
  • Website hosted on Carrd.co
  • I chose the peach background cause I live in Georgia, USA : )
  1. 1

    GDDO looks clean and neat! All the best.

    You might be also interested in solving this need gap - Domain price estimate based on current events posted on my problem validation platform.

  2. 1

    Looks like you’re a domain expert 🥁

    1. 1

      He is a domain expert, for sure. Google for "I sell onions on the Internet"

  3. 1

    Good price for a 4 character domain.

    1. 1

      thanks.. it was more than I wanted to spend, but seemed fair enough.

  4. 1

    lovely idea. The white text is difficult to read, make it darker for accessibility, and if you want to get subscribers...

    1. 1

      I think you might be right.. just made some changes - my 10yr old daughter gave me recos.. sorta better now? https://www.gddo.com/

      1. 1

        Superb peter. That worked, it looks great. I would apply the same to your social media icons on the bottom.

        very interesting project. I was into domains for some time two years ago....

        Good luck Peter.

  5. 1

    Good stuff Peter. Just signed up to your newsletter.

    Are you intending to monetize any of your content sites (via ads or affiliate)? Or are you just building them for fun?

    1. 1

      thank you.

      Are you referring to GDDO, or Deep South Ventures? GDDO is currently free. EmailOctopus allows up to 2,500 subs for free, so if I go over that, I'll try to figure out a way to monetize. I'm currently at 480 or so subs. DSV is just my spot to brain dump thoughts, so I'll never try & monetize that. Yell if I'm missing the site you're referring to.

      1. 1

        I was moreso referring to sites like birthdayparties.com, ranchwork.com, and cooljobs.com. Just wondering if you have a plan for those sites, related to monetizing them (via ads or affiliate), or just doing them for fun.

        Oh, if you ever need any suggestions for alternatives to EmailOctopus that may keep your costs low, let me know. I've been keeping a list of options for myself :)

        1. 1

          gotcha. BDAY will (hopefully) have paid subscribers at some point. I launched in in Sept of 2019, had my first paying customer in March 2020, then COVID clobbered that industry. Just patiently waiting for it to recover. RanchWork monetizes through paid listings, and well as a pittance of AdSense. CoolJobs has paid job submissions as well. No AdSense yet - possible down the road.

          And thanks re EO. Happy with with so far. But always try to keep my options open.

          1. 1

            Thanks for the info and right on. Once you get to 50k pageviews/month, you can apply to MediaVine and your ad payout will be better than AdSense. Then when you reach 100k/month, AdThrive would be a good choice.

            Look forward to seeing the domain names you find and share in your newsletter.

            @Dealsflow - you may be interested in GDDO.com

            1. 1

              Thanks for the hint, Mike! Already subscribed.. big fan of @searchbound, keep it up!

            2. 1

              thanks re MediaVine & AdThrive. Not familiar with those. Someone else suggested eZoic. RanchWork averages around 200,000 pageviews a month, so I may need to look into those as alternatives.

              1. 1

                Oh man, if you're getting 200k pagviews/month, apply to AdThrive immediately :)

                Ezoic is an option, but most everyone who has run Ezoic, and then run MediaVine or AdThrive says their experience and payout is much better than when they were with Ezoic.

                I run AdThrive on 2 of my sites. They have a wonderful support system, and there's a Facebook Group where all AdThrive publishers can interact, ask questions about anything, and help each other out.

                If you have any other questions about it, feel free to email me via the email address in my IH profile.

  6. 1

    Awesome, I subscribed! I'm addicted to domains, and spent a lot of time on sites like expireddomains.net and godaddy auctions. I also don't try to flip them but rather use them as a basis for coming up with project ideas. I've probably bought over a 100 domains in the last year or two.


    1. Who do you use to backorder expiring domains? Is there any service that doesn't go into an auction if more than people bid and instead just goes to the highest initial bidder?

    2. If you wouldn't mind divulging, where do you get your domain data? I've been contemplating https://whoisdatacenter.com since it seems relatively cheap but it's hard to verify if it will actually provide good data.

    1. 1

      many thanks..

      re backordering expiring domains, I tend to go to the source, if they're exclusive inventory. If they're pending delete, I'll use NameJet, Snapnames, and Dropcatch. I wrote an essay a few years back on each route, if it's any help: https://www.deepsouthventures.com/window-shopping-expired-domain-names/ .

      re data, I typically just use Google Trends to get an idea of how big search volume is for a niche category. My thinking is, if there's search volume, there's interest in the product or service. And if there's interest, and enough potential margin there, I consider pursuing.

      Hope that's of some help.

  7. 1

    Love this. And Peter really knows his stuff. Some real gems in the first few issues.

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