Show IH: get anonymous feedback

Hi! 👋

I spent the last week working on a web app that makes it easy to get anonymous feedback: https://feedfeedback.com/

The idea is that people create their personal link (this is mine: https://feedfeedback.com/fersarr) and send it to their friends and paste it on their social media bio pages, so that anyone can openly write to them.

The app is definitely not perfect but I wanted to get it out and get feedback (yes, again this word 🤯) from you. In the next few days I would like to:

  • allow custom questions - right now there are 4 set questions
  • add a paid tier that lets people/managers create a team so that they can manage feedback for their team members.
  • add a button to automatically send your personal link to all your email contacts (aiming for virality?)

On the not so nice side, a few days ago I saw that someone was working on something similar on hacker news... but as @csallen says, competition is good.

Please give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Also, if you are interested in working on this let me know at my username AT gmail


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    Hey Fernando,

    What do you see the main use case for this being? Who would benefit from this most?


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      Hi Stefan! I was thinking of targeting teachers and small teams first, like small startups and small research groups. If you have any ideas or comments, I would to love to hear them.

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        Makes sense...

        Just thinking back to when I've been in a small team at a startup, we'd often use Google forms and quickly throw a form together.

        I'm just wondering where the improvement for me as a user is beyond what I could do with a Google form?

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          That's a fair question and I think many people will have it. Some of the differences in the use case for small teams:

          1. FeedFeedback is supposed to be permanently available for you to provide feedback at all times, not just at certain times when a form is created. This lets people give useful comments at the moment they have them, instead of waiting until the usual quarterly cycle.

          2. FFB already provides a template of possible questions that are used in some organizations to focus and structure the written feedback. It is not just an open text box to write everything in one go.

          3. Some orgs provide their own custom pages for feedback which is not ideal since some people don't trust their anonimity and dont provide meaningful, honest comments. To onboard these orgs, there might be some sort of education required.

          I think I will spend some time communicating that in the website.

          In terms of using FFB as an individual (outside a team), the personal link is something you can paste on your online profiles so that you can constantly receive ANONYMOUS feedback from anyone.

          let me know if you have any thoughts... or feedback :p

          and thanks for taking the time! it's really helpful

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            You're welcome, I'm following what you're saying... As you say, I think a big part of this is educating and letting people know the difference.

            Best of luck with it!

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    I was surprised to go over the logs this morning and find out that before any human had actually tried to use the app there were a bunch of attempts to scan the site for vulnerabilities... 😧

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