Show IH: Get 'the perfect domain name' and logos for your startup in a few seconds — Domains

Finding the best domain name for your startup is hard.

It's like you have to brainstorm for hours for "the perfect one". Then you realize that it's already used by another business or parked by newbie domain parkers for $5793.

Don't spend hours brainstorming names again.

As startup founders, we need to focus our efforts. Let me solve this name-finding issue instead. I launched Domains to help you exactly with finding the best name quickly and easily.

You know what the best part is? Logos and brand assets (such as brand guidelines) are included too. As this is new I'm willing to go that extra mile and offer revisions to the logo for free. The value you get here is huge. Just getting a quality logo designed will cost over $200. But here, you're getting a great domain name, logos and brand assets.

It's new so wish me good luck or tell me what you think in the comments 👇

Get the perfect domain name and logo for your startup →

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