Show IH: 🚀I've build a FAST video editor for CREATORS. You can master it in 5 minutes!🚀

John from Cinematic Studio here! About 3 years ago, I've started building a video editor I'd love:

  • incredibly simple to use
  • fast - very fast
  • achieve amazing results

Get it 👉here👈

I know what you're thinking: "but that's what all the other video editing apps are saying"

For the ✨CREATIVE✨ part, that's you.
For the 🚀FAST🚀 part, you have instant preview 👉 everywhere 👈 Even when hovering the timeline!
For the ⭐SIMPLE⭐ part, here's a sneak peak:
Sneak Peak

And a few bonuses:
🔸Animate everything : With keyframes, you can animate any property your heart desires. Text size, position, blur, even color!
🛠 Tools: I've given you tools to do quick edits. All with instant preview. Like, Blade (see exactly where you're about to cut), Speed (you can even resize to speed) or Advanced editing such as Roll/Slide/Slip edits, again, with instant preview.
✨ Effects / Text Effects / Transitions : I've added 100+ effects you can instantly use - drag and drop, adjust properties, and you're done!

I could talk for ages about how Cinematic Studio saves you time, but you can check it our for yourself ;)

Get it 👉here👈

Finally, the editor is Windows only for now. If you'd like to know more details about why that is, ask me in the comments :)

I'd love any feedback/suggestions you may have! And if you're interested in buying, I have a 30% off discount for IH - just drop me a note.

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