Product Development March 29, 2020

Show IH: Just launched Hoverify- Hover to inspect element

Himanshu Mishra @Zicsus

Hi IH,
My name is Himanshu and today I want show you guys, Hoverify. A browser extension which makes it super easy to inspect any element on the screen by just hovering over it. It shows you all the styles and HTML attributes in a sweet dockable window with bunch of useful information like colors, fonts (checks if they exists on google fonts). You can also live edit CSS, HTML, and content of element. Hoverify have a bunch of different features that makes my web design experience smooth and hopefully it will improve yours.

Check it out on Product Hunt -

You can know more about it here-

Win a free license key-

Would appreciate your support and feedback.

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    I don't get it. It looks cool, but what's the benefit of using this instead of the built in inspect?

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      There are several benefits if you consider Hoverify as a page deconstructing tool.

      1. You don't have scroll through inspect element to understand its styling.
      2. You can live edit so you preview what will look good on your page.
      3. It finds the font for you on google fonts so you don't have check it.
      4. To further help with navigation you can use search to find elements with there selectors.
      5. Color eyedropper is obvious.
        And many more little features which will help you with design.
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    Looks fantastic.
    Like others mentioned, having a trial (even if it only works on 1 domain) would be helpful. Bonus if you can allow me to try it without installing like what cssscan does.

    I have one question about the license. Can I buy 1 license and install it on different machines/OS?

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      Hii, sorry for late response.
      Right now one key is used per activation which I may change in future. Although you can deactivate you license from settings and use that key to activate Hoverify in any other browser or machine.

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    Hey Himanshu,
    Looks like a pretty neat tool. Like other people recommended it would be nice to have a trial before the purchase.
    Also didn't get if the purchase is valid for lifetime or its a SaaS model.

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      Hii sabir, its not a SaaS model. You buy it for lifetime.
      Thanks for checking it out :)

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    Wow, this looks crazy useful. Way easier than inspecting element every time

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      Thanks! glad that you liked.

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    I've been using Hoverify for months now.
    I'm glad to see how it started from the beginning.
    Is very useful, i love the product.
    I'm impressed so many things i can do with it.
    Congratulations Himanshu!

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      Thanks fajar!

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    Hi Himanshu,

    Thanks for sharing,

    What a really nice landing page you have, and your product looks like it is a very cool and USEFUL element inspector.

    BUT - Honestly, I think you are going nowhere without having some kind of trial for this.

    It will be really hard to get people to spend $10 or $7 for that matter without them being able to play with it, instead they will stick with the free tools and make the best of them.

    Sure you will get some sales, but sadly my experience tells me you will not get the revenue this nice little product deserves.

    If you can switch it to some kind of trial I think you will have a 10 fold chance of success,

    Best wish for you and a super nice idea


    PS - You can't try it as you suggest - you have to buy it :-( so the domain is a bit misleading.

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      Thank you Aidan for sharing your experience. You are right about the trial version and my next step is to release a limited period trial version.
      As for domain I never thought about it that way and just copied what other products were doing.
      I will try to release a trial version as soon as possible.

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        Well, count me in as soon as you have a trial ready to go and I will have a deeper look and give you honest feedback. Also I will let me engineering colleagues know and they can give you even better feedback as guys who open an inspector many times a day every day !

        Good luck with this nice idea Zicsus

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          Thanks Aidan for the help! I will let you know when trial version comes out :)