Show IH: 🌞Life - Integrated productivity tool

Dear fellow indiehackers,

Today I am proud and slightly nervous to show you my project Life. It is an integrated productivity app that helps you to run your life as effortlessly as possible.

I have always been a productivity enthusiast and used many tools like todo apps, calendars, time trackers etc. They helped me tremendously with getting things done but there was one thing that always bothered me a lot:

Each of the apps I was using was a data silo that did not know what was happening in the other apps.

For example, my calendar didn't know what's in my todo list. My time tracker didn't know which events I had already scheduled in my calendar. That made the whole workflow feel very clunky with double entries and a lot of 'busy work' just to keep all the systems in sync.

That's when the idea for Life was born. I wanted to build a tool that integrated existing concepts like todo-list, calendar, time tracking, etc. into a workflow that is superior, more fun and more effortless.

This is the first time I am sharing my work with a wider public and I would love to get thoughts and feedback from you. If you are interested, you can sign up for early access on life.so, which will start later this year. If you just want to chat, you can reach me at [email protected]. We are also on Twitter with @LifeAppHQ.

Thank you for reading and take care,

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