April 3, 2019

Show IH: my original productivity technique for fighting procrastination and turning your work into a habit

Hey all!

Today I want to share with you a little side project I made for this year’s PH Makers Festival. I made it as a small retreat from my main IH hustle, and also to give a 7-year old idea of mine a proper closure.

Presenting Paul’s Plan — a get-shit-done-by-making-it-a-habit technique. If you’re lacking the discipline to keep on working on your project every day, this technique may be just for you.

👉 https://coda.io/d/Build-a-productive-habit-with-Paul-s-Plan_ds_0dU43zip/_suMjj

Sadly, with 125 submissions, this Makers Festival is bound to be yet another popularity contest where the one with the most Twitter followers wins — something that unfortunately I don’t have. I’d really love to win it though, for the reasons I discussed here. That said, regardless how the contest turns out, I’m just happy to finally have shipped this “app” and turned that page.

Please check it out. It’s totally free. Maybe you can find it useful.