Show IH: Officially launching Olvy on PH today

Hi IH,
Finally letting our baby out today.

We started with building for a small set of users because it is always better to get 10 people who love your product instead of 100 who only kinda like it.

Today I am excited to introduce https://olvy.co/ to you.

So what is Olvy?
Olvy is a powerful release note tool that can be used to announce new features with beautiful and effective in-app widgets and standalone pages, and have your release feedback turn into insights with our sentiment analysis technology on the user comments that you receive.

Some of the core fundamental strategies that we wanted to nail while building Olvy are,

  1. Our distinguishing factor has always been being design-focused.
  2. We are building the tools that’ll help you announce new releases and measure their success.
  3. It’s a closed-loop that starts from publishing your release and ends at collecting feedback from your users on each feature that you ship!
  4. Also, apart from stats, we’ll help you arrive at qualitative insights from all the feedback that users send your way.

Here are some examples of how our current users are using our product:
https://instatus.com/blog (using Olvy API)

And also here's a short video that rightly explains what we've built,

Hope you like our work 🙌🏻

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    Hello Product Hunters! We are creating a slack group to share ideas for PH launch. If you like to join, you can fill out this form. https://forms.gle/LehhYocbCSPMnFU36

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