March 20, 2019

Show IH: OnlineOrNot - a GraphQL testing service

Max Rozen @RozenMD

Hey IH 👋!

I'm finally launching OnlineOrNot -, and would love you all to check it out.

OnlineOrNot is a service that makes it possible to monitor and test GraphQL servers without needing to write code, or inject snippets into the server itself. The service itself is programming language-agnostic, and will test against any GraphQL-compliant server.

Essentially, OnlineOrNot takes a snapshot the first time you give it a query, and continually runs that query against your GraphQL server, sending notifications if the query takes too long to respond, sends unexpected data, or doesn't send data at all.

It's particularly useful for detecting changes in GraphQL resolver output (for example, if a developer accidentally changes the date format)


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    I don't use GraphQL, but your solution seems very useful for those who do​. Good luck!

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