Show IH: PeerWyse - Salary Estimates for People You Know

What if you knew how much your colleagues got paid? 🤔

This was the question that inspired my co-founder (@etothepii) and I to create PeerWyse (formerly Guess My Pay). We think greater transparency = win for the individual because it helps you understand what salaries are reasonable for different roles, companies, industries and regions.

⭐ New iOS App!!

Last week we re-launched as an iOS app and we'd love to get some feedback from our fellow indie hackers on this newest iteration. 👉 Download PeerWyse for iOS

(By the way, if you've downloaded the app -- thank you!-- and are wondering why you're being asked to sign into LinkedIn...PeerWyse sits on top of LinkedIn and allows you to guess the salaries of your LinkedIn connections. We do some math to aggregate your guesses and calculate estimated salary ranges. We do not save your password and we do not share your guesses with your colleagues).

⭐ How it Works

Upon downloading the app and signing into LinkedIn, PeerWyse presents you with a list of your LinkedIn connections. Beneath each person is a box, in which you can enter your guess for that person's salary. Hit submit and we will return our estimated salary range.

You can also see how many people have submitted guesses for each of your connections. The more guesses we receive, the tighter our ranges tend to get.

How is this different from insert salary website here? Unlike those websites, we show you salaries for people you know, rather than arbitrary/all-encompassing/company-specific job titles.

⭐ Motivation

We've spoken to a lot of users/friends/colleagues and the re-occurring theme when it comes to salary negotiations is: I have no idea what to ask for. That's where PeerWyse comes in. We allow you to see how much your connections get paid so that you can be more informed and more confident when setting your salary expectations.

We also want to shine a light on pay inequality. Are you being underpaid relative to people that have the same skills or responsibilities as you? Imagine the money you're leaving on the table because you don't know that you could be asking for X more a year.

Right now we're focused on salary estimates for individuals, but in the next iteration of PeerWyse, we will allow you to create Peer groups. Imagine something along these lines: "Based on the 8 connections in your Data Science Peer Group, your salary ranks in the bottom 25%".

Ultimately, salary is the just the tip of the iceberg. We are also very excited by the idea of skills- and experience-based Peer comparisons.

⭐ Pain Points

Since creating an iOS app in addition to our Google Chrome extension, we have broadened our potential target market. 🙌 Unfortunately, there are still people who would like to use PeerWyse, but who don't have a LinkedIn account. Not much we can do here because of the inherent network effect of what we're building.

We are struggling to get organic shares of the app. We've created a "share with your network" web page that is shown to users after they open the app a 2nd time...but it's clunky and, well, no one's sharing it.

Tips on how to encourage sharing without being spammy would be greatly appreciated.

⭐ Questions for You

❓Do you see the value in knowing how much your colleagues get paid?
❓Would you feel comfortable guessing the salaries of your connections?
❓Does the concept of "peer grouping" your connections make sense to you? And if so, how many different peer groups would you want to compare yourself against?
❓Would you be willing to do a 15-min user feedback interview where I ask you questions about salary and how you assess your compensation relative to your peers?

Thank you for reading. Links below, if you're interested:

👉Learn more @ PeerWyse.com
👉Download PeerWyse for iOS

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