April 4, 2019

Show IH: Picnic - Turn your napkin sketches into a beautiful website


Hi Hackers! Abeer here from Picnic (trypicnic.com)

After years of frustration with drag and drop editors and pre-built website templates, we've finally built the product we always wanted: An easy way to turn napkin sketches into beautiful websites. Picnic is part AI and part actual designers that'll take any wireframes/sketches/outline you have, build it into the perfect static website, and maintain/update it for you over time.

We had 3 main considerations when building Picnic: Make websites that are 1- Faster and more secure than WordPress 2- Simpler to create and edit than Squarespace and 3- Affordable (plans start at $9.99/mo).
If anyone was looking to get a website or landing page built, you can give it a try at https://trypicnic.com. We're still in beta and have a limit on the number of open spots so if anyone signs up and gets put on the waitlist, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll get you moved up :)

We're big fans of IH and have been lurkers/inspiration seekers here for some time, so would love any feedback or questions!

#product-feedback-request #showih

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    I can't tell if this is a product or a service. Do you build the website for me? What do the websites look like?


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      It's a mix of the two. We build a skeleton template first, and then our designers will customize it as you want.
      Websites can look like anything you want! Most users will submit some 'design inspiration' that we'll build off normally though.

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    My feedback:

    • It's not clear to me what sets you apart from any agency that offers design services
    • No samples, how do I know you make beautiful sites?
    • What's the value proposition here? Who is the audience? Right now it feels like your website is speaking to the entire world.
    • Tons of feature explanations but not clear as to why you are better than a simple platform where I can pay for a nice template and customize it.
    • Why are drag and drop editors bad? I mean.. maybe they are but it's not clear to me looking at your site.
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      We're targeted towards anyone that wants a custom website without having to pay a large sum upfront (aka a design agency), and then also have someone that'll automatically update/maintain their site for them.
      It's not that drag and drop editors or template websites are bad per se (though they're usually slower and less secure or scalable), just that with Picnic you don't have to do any of the work and you get the exact site you envisioned.