Podcasters August 12, 2020

SHOW IH: Podcast to blog tool

Baird Hall @baird

Howdy fellow IH'ers 👋👋

Just launched the beta of our new product @duplikit! It's a tool that makes it easy to convert a podcast or video into a blog. It handles the transcription automatically and provides tools for cleaning up the text, adding images, formatting, exporting, etc.,

Looking for a few podcasters to take it for a spin: https://app.duplikit.co/register

Hit me up here or on our chat widget when you get a chance 👍

  1. 1

    Hi. It should be interesting for my clients. But I couldn't register there.

    1. 1

      Shot you a support email! Thanks for checking it.

  2. 1

    Looking great, congrats! 🎉

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