Show IH: ProdCamp - customer feedback management

We're thrilled to announce our launch today on Producthunt.

It's been a tough year for all of us, but it also enabled us to work full-time remotely and spend our commute time to work even more on the project.

When working with customers, it's been always a challenge to keep customer insights and feedback in a single repository. We've been jumping from spreadsheets to notes, email, and so on. And when we needed to get customer quotes on what was the problem they were solving, we've been having a hard time finding it.

Long story short, we've built it.
It's a platform where you can collect customer feedback from various channels like email forwards, public roadmap, embeddable feedback module, google chrome extension, and so on.

Now, once you collected feedback, you can attach it to various features in your backlog, or create new ones. Integrate with Salesforce and you get customers' $ value what makes it easier to prioritize your future efforts.

Once prioritized, push it to Jira and pass the ball to your development team.

Finally, close the feedback loop, by notifying customers of what's new and what's being done.

Looking for your feedback.


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