Show IH: Return on investment calculator for Karma

How much does your team appreciation actually cost?

Consider this simple math (all based on the range of Millennials and Gen Z research papers):

Tech company size 100:

  • out of those 90 are Millennials and Gen Z
  • out of those 10 would leave in a year
  • and out of these 6 would leave due to the lack of appreciation and recognition at work – the unappreciated ones.

Hiring costs for ‘the unappreciated’ group

The average turnover cost when hiring in-house ranges from $3,000 to $7,000. When an agency is involved, it jumps to $25,000 and in any organisation, the overall costs of a new hire hit $50,000 mark. In our example, the company hires people in-house – it is a lean startup, as you may see.

6 × $5,000 (in-house hiring) = $30,000

Keeping at least a quarter of previously unappreciated people for longer – is the direct savings on turnover 🥳 As you may know, Karma can eliminate the lack of appreciation at work. No one has ever left their job because of too many ‘thank-you’s.

Saving with Karma

With these very modest assumptions and the current early-days pricing Karma would save at least $7,242.

Try Karma ROI calculator here: https://roi.karmabot.chat Thanks!

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