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Show IH: Run daily stand-ups, sprint retros and more on Slack with MyCheckins. ✅

Hello hackers! 👋 I want to showcase MyCheckins. I've been working on this for the last three months.

  • MyCheckins is a Slack-bot that helps your team have fewer meetings, and prepare better for the ones that matter.
  • You can use MyCheckins to run async meetings on Slack. (like daily stand-ups, sprint retros, team feedback, weekly planners, and more)

The beta just went live, and I would be super grateful if you took it for a spin. ✨

Please check it out here: https://mycheckins.io 🚀

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    I feel like sharing a few lessons I learned in the last few months while working on this. Here is my list:

    • Never write a single line of code without spending time talking to people. I did the first MVP without extensive user research and I built in the wrong direction.
    • If people don't seem enthusiastic about the problem you're solving, you might be working on a non-problem. Don't assume that they will change their minds once they see your product
    • User behavior is the only source of truth. Learn to ignore your own biases when making decisions. Build strong feedback loops early on.
    • Build an emotionally supportive relationship with your co-founder. If you're solo, build a support system of fellow founders. The journey is not easy. (You can always talk to me!)
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