Show IH: ShelfQ - A minimalist shelf to manage important contents in only one place.

I have launched my side project at https://shelfq.com. It still in beta :)

ShelfQ helps you to manage your book tracking (include auto sync from kindle notes), save selected notes and links grouping by sources with quick access.

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    Looks good, but i can see you need some help with your English. Here for example:

    "The best way to keep your readings on the tracking."

    i think, it should be:

    "The best way to track your reading."

    And this:

    "Automatically synchronization your highlights and notes from the Amazon."

    I think that should be:

    "Automatically synchronize your highlights and notes from Amazon."

    Also, you have a widow on your hero text, put a line break in between "save" and "and", like this:

    A minimalist platform for you to save<br>and manage important contents

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      Thank you Sam! I'm going to fix it.

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    Hi Everton, ShelfQ looks good, I'll give a try during the weekend.
    I think we are working on a similar problem, let's reach out!


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    I am totally in your target market (I think) I read a lot of books, use Kindle a lot.

    But I don't understand what your product does? What are the benefits? use cases?

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      Hey Josh,

      My main goal is ShelfQ to be a minimalist solution to store rememberable data. Personally, I often need extra effort to assimilate some subjects which could come from different sources like books, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.

      About the Bookshelf feature
      Currently, the idea is to have the ability to track the current, next and finished readings.
      To sync your current kindle highlights, you need to install the browser extension (currently It only supports Chrome) and sign in on Amazon notebook website. after that, everything will be automatic.

      Other Sections
      Beyond that, when you're reading blog posts, news, etc with important notes, you can select them and save to your "shelf", just clicking on the right menu and choosing "Save to ShelfQ" option.

      Everything is going to be organized by categories and tags.

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