April 15, 2019

Show IH: Sirix.io - A NoSQL document store which efficiently retains the history of your XML and JSON data and allows time-travel queries

Johannes Lichtenberger @Lichtenberger

Hey guys, do you have any input how to get users for an Open Source project? Since Christmas I've been working almost every day on this project, which was started at the university by a Ph.D. student called Marc Kramis already in 2006. Since around that time I had been working on the project as a bachelor- and master-student as well as in different HiWi jobs. Since I've finished university in 2012 I've added many things, lately a complete native JSON layer with XQuery querying capabilities, a website with documentation, querying capabilities based on a sophisticated XQuery processor for bot JSON- and XML-data stored in our binary encoding.

You can for instance query the history of your natively stored JSON- as well as XML-data through an XQuery processor with temporal extension. Thus, you can load and query documents as they were seen by the storage engine after each transaction commit (load a specific revision by a timestamp or revision-number), load a document in all revisions denoted by a timespan, ask how specific nodes looked like in the past, the previous revision, the future... (you get the point, navigating on the transactional time axis). You might want to query for inserted nodes, which did not exist in the previous revision or query for deleted nodes, which existed in the previous version. Or maybe simply undo unwanted changes, doing audits of who inserted what and when...

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    I basically want to release version 0.9.0 in a couple of days :-)

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