Show IH: Snipline - Shell-command organiser

I've been lurking IH for a while now and it's helped inspire me to create my own side project. It's now at a point where I'm happy to present it!


Snipline is a tool for developers to save and copy shell-commands as efficiently as possible.

Context: I have to work on many servers/environments and I often find myself searching for the same commands and then modifying them for the environment I'm working on. I wanted a more efficient way to do this and ended up building Snipline.

I dogfooded the app for several months and then had some coworkers and friends test it (and help with the design). Once I was happy with the product I worked on integrating subscriptions using Laravel Spark. I've decided on making it a SaaS to help cover server costs and further development.

I'd be really happy to hear any feedback on the site and what could be done to better sell the product.

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    This could be really useful for devops engineers working at agencies.

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      Thanks! Yeah, this is how I came up with the idea 🙂. I work at a web agency and we have to configure and maintain lots of servers.

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