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Show IH: Startup Acquisition Newsletter

Start from scratch is always hard

Did you ever think about growing an already built startup?

It would be best to validate an idea and find a few loyal customers who will purchase your product. But this case only if you have an audience.

Therefore, you are starting with cold emailing or ads to make some pre-orders.

After that, if all is OK and you see demand, you start building.

Start building things by definition can take a lot of time and effort.

After this, you figure out that some of your leads want to change how your product behaves to solve their own problems. So you start finding product-market fit and experimenting.

Not simple, hah?

Why not buy already proven business and get a few useful connections?

Not everyone could build a product from scratch, and not everyone likes to market. For this reason, I created a newsletter to connect buyers and startup founders.

Yesterday I posted my second issue, with great startups looking for new owners. Feel free to check and give me some feedback.

Thank you!

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    I will be happy to present your startup to the community. Just leave the URL to the landing page.

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