May 12, 2019

Show IH: Tabtation - A Chrome Extension to manage your 'Too Many Tabs Syndrome' 😅

Rishit Kedia @RishitKedia

Hey there, Indie Hackers! 👋

My name is Rishit, and this is my first post here on IH. Yup, a lot of firsts for me today! 😅

Let me start off by asking you a question.

How many tabs do you have open in Chrome right now? 🙊

If you said less than five or ten: Congratulations, you’re not suffering from the dreaded 'Too Many Tabs Syndrome' (TMTS). Well, most probably! We all grow and start from zero. 😝

What?! Say that again. Did I hear you correctly? 25? 50? 100? Maybe even more? Or you’re just too lazy like me and said 'too many' since you can’t count them on your fingers? Woah! Now we’re talking! Yeah, yeah, I know, we’re in Indie Hackers land after all, so I may be over-hyping this. 😄

But seriously though, you must have landed up in situations where the tab widths are so small, you can’t make sense of anything. So, what do you do? You start opening new windows. Wonderful. Few hours of work, and yup, you end up with the same thing again. 😞 Windows are nice. But a lot of them (with a lot of tabs) sucks even more. I just went through all of my five windows and all their tabs, and still can’t seem to find that one tab! Jeez. 🤷‍♂️

So, I may have something that would be right up your alley, and help you manage your TMTS; Well, it certainly helps me with mine, so I’m stoked to find out if it does the same for y’all.

Introducing Tabtation 🚀

Tabtation automagically organizes your gazillion Chrome tabs in the Tabtation Bar based on the domains of all the currently open web sites and apps. The Tabtation Bar is omnipresent, right at the bottom of the Chrome window on every tab, and loads as fast as the site or app in the tab, if not faster. ⚡️

You can quickly go over and access all your open tabs and switch between them across Chrome windows. 🤩 There’s also this handy thing which keeps track of your last five recent tabs and makes switching between them a breeze. You can simultaneously use the Chrome Tab Bar on the top like you normally do as well as the Tabtation Bar to really speed things up. 😎

From now on, you can freely open as many tabs as you want, and not worry about switching between them or finding that one tab amidst all the chaos. Tabtation’s always busy keeping tabs on your tabs (see what I did there? 😋) as you go around conducting your business in Chrome. 🤘

I’ve just launched Tabtation on the Chrome Web Store! 🚀

I’m offering a 7-day free trial, so give it a try and do let me know what you think! 🗣 I’d love to hear your questions, thoughts, or feedback, and work on them to improve Tabtation so that we can all be more productive in the coming months. ❤️

BTW, Tabtation is also on Product Hunt today. 😸

Rishit 🙏

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      I did, and there are other extensions too, but with Tabtation I tried to solve the same problem a little differently.