Landing Page Feedback March 25, 2019

SHOW IH: The - Curated wide interests links


Hi IH, this is my first post and i would like to show you my side project, The It's a a curated wide interests list and newsletter for people that love to stay up to date on a wide range of 10 self-centered topics. That also explains why the topics are based on verbs: Watch for movies, Listen for music, etc. Curated links must be instantly accesible (no trailers or pay walls).

Do you find the concept original and above all, useful? Or is it too wide of an idea and should you advice to specialize and focus on 1 topic? Also, are 50 links in total too much per edition? I'd love to hear your feedback and thanks in advance!

You can check out the latest edition here:


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    It’s an interesting idea. I like how they’ve been sorted by topics. I’d love to receive valuable links about videogames or movies.

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