May 4, 2019

Show IH: Weekly newsletter about side hustles that actually work


You will have read dozens and dozens of posts about dropshipping, t-shirt printing and other stuff that doesn't really provide any value to anyone. In my opinion that aren't side businesses that deserve the name and aren't worth pursuing. Its no wonder there is often only the revenue listed since the profits are laughable and the seller didn't even collect sales tax which can be easily 19% of the revenue like in my country..

That is the reason I created a weekly newsletter called with carefully curated content and resources for everyone who is interested to start a side business to earn some money. I have collected lots of insights on what works and what doesn't with financial data. You will also get a lot of resources like website themes, product design mockups, copywriting tricks and much more.

I am diving into online businesses as well as offline side hustles and I promise you I will not even with a single sentence mention dropshipping or t-shirt printing as this niches are as overcrowded as it gets and already covered by a lot of posts here. So please feel free to subscribe here to get weekly inspiration:

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    Hi Max!

    Just wanted to share my thoughts. Love to clean design of the landing page. If that resonates into the newsletter as well, I think it's neat! I signed up and am curious to the content you will be sharing. Just to give you an idea of why I signed up: not necessarily because I want to side hussle (keen on taking a full on approach; if I am building something I want it to be absolutely valuable and I fully commit - this used to be different though) but because I like to read success stories of others that build awesome things.

    For me what I would particularly love to see (but that is just me) is side-projects that are clever, or bring in something really unique; not just regular things (indeed such as normal dropshipping) that just earn some good money.

    Wish you all the best and looking forward to the content 🙏


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    Signed up. Waiting for some unique ideas.

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