Show IH: What are you working on today? Sunday funday?

I know that some of you never rest and hustle through your day, every day.

So why not show us what you're working on? Comment your project link below and tell us a bit about it.

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    Working on adding Gatsby support to Divjoy then heading to the river for some ☀️ 🏊‍♂️ 🍺

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      Been following your work on Twitter for quite some time. Love what you're doing with Divjoy. You're making the lives of starter devs and even experienced folks so much easier. 🙌

      1. 2

        Thanks so much Dinakar! Really appreciate the support.

    2. 3

      Big fan of DivJoy and love all the progress you're making. 🙌

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      Great invention, your problem solving project/ideas are impeccable.

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    I'll go first... I wouldn't call it work* but I'm doing some admin routine at Hatrio Sales — lead generation and sales automation app to help you find leads for your business.

    Today I'm experimenting with Integrately such that it adds certain tasks to our Salesflare CRM pipeline and followup reminders. Just trying to up our customer relationship game.

    ‎* Can't call it "work" coz it's a little fun (unlike work which is not-fun), we need to coin a new word for this type

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      Wow! i love what you pull up at Hatrio Sales i bookmark it on my chrome browser. awesome idea.

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        Thanks. Words like this that I get from people every once in while keeps me going. What are you working on?

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          I currently working on a side project with two of my co-founders "three creator" https://three-creator.herokuapp.com/ , we Create Awareness ,
          Announcement of New Product or services for company's,
          Advertisement and Explainer Video using motion graphics. and also we tell engaging stories through motion graphics also.

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    With many others, I got into Chess under covid but couldn't find a Chess training site/material/whatever that felt like a product I want to use. Because of this, I started ChessCoach.ai, a data-driven app that learns from your previous choices and optimizes its content to improve weaknesses the fastest way.

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      Good idea. A freemium model for this app's nature is a smart move. When are you launching it? For apps like this it'll work very well if you have an iOS or Android app.

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        Thanks! I plan on launching it in a few weeks. The MVP will be a trainer on the top10 most popular openings. That's an already greater value than the competitors because all of them selling openings one by one, or in a small package. This basically will be the Netflix of chess lessons.

        I almost only play chess on my phone, so yeah, I def keep phone apps in my mind.

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    I'm a little bit unhappy with the namy.ai generative ML model - current domain suggestions are good, but definitely improvable.

    So I'm spending today crawling a few hundred thousand more websites, cleaning their data and tweaking the model to make it better :)

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      Hey Hugo, I honestly like the current results from your app.

      I'm currently working on Domains (brandable domain names + logo packages for startups) so this will be a great resource for me.

      1. 1

        Oooh, super cool!

        Maybe we could do a collaboration? Any ideas?


        1. 2

          I'd like that. Let me know when you make the model better. I'll link to your project from mine. Ours is pre-made so a lot of visitors can find further names/inspiration from yours.

          I'll DM you on Twitter in a bit. Thanks 😊

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    I am working on wickedtemplates.com, I am working on a new color palette.


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      Cool project! great designs :)

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      Recently (like 2 days ago), I reached out to you on Twitter about this project of yours. Guess you missed it maybe.

      Anyway, how's this working out for you? I saw another indie hacker share that making templates and selling is not getting enough traction. So just wanted to check about your work.

      1. 1

        Did you? To what Twitter account?

        It's all good, In fact this morning someone wanted to buy it.

        We are doing pretty good, we just do our thing in our ways.


        I saw another indie hacker share that making templates and selling is not getting enough traction. So just wanted to check about your work.

        Different business, different person...

        I am soon launching another product, which has templates too.

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          To your personal account (the one in your IH profile) from my personal account. You likely missed. No worries as I heard from you here.

          And wow. That's good to know. I wish you the best, Michael. Keep going.


          1. 1

            How weird,,, didn't see nothing
            But to be honest is working awfully awfull, i get notifications 24 h later even...

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    Finishing up V1.01 of the app I launched last week, getstreamkit.com.

    I'm mainly adding new filters today. Processing videos client side on iOS is tough!

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      How do you plan to acquire customers for your project? I heard it's really hard to acquire users directly from Apple Store when starting out. You also seem to have other apps there. How's that working out for you?

      1. 2

        Once this version is out I'm going to invest a bit in SEO and then start running ads.

        My other apps get decent traffic on the app store, which is all organic, but they don't have any in-app purchases so I can't afford to run ads on them.

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    I'm really into visualizing stuff and microservice architecture, so I've been working on combining these two to one project called Systemizer and I've recently made a redesign of the whole app. You can check it out :)

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      Bookmarked, forked and starred. I don't have a technical background but really like your work here. I understood what it meant only after entering the canvas. So if this is your full-time project or something then you can add a short video on the homepage.

      1. 1

        Thanks, I'm glad you like it and I appreciate the feedback. I will definitely think about it, it's true that the landing page could be more descriptive.

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    Manual outreach to get hiring managers to join https://careerama.co—a platform that connects job seekers with people who hire for their role.

    Working to get to 20 hiring managers before user testing with job seekers and trying to drive waitlist signups. Only 9 more to go!

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    Adding more productized service listings to leteflow.com
    Currently at 40 :)

  10. 2

    as a marketer, working with low budgets

  11. 2

    Working on getting new workspace features lined up for my weekly newsletter!


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    Continuing to build stackii.

    I’m on 150+ tools/resource at the moment.

    I’ve been speaking to other indie hackers and learning more about their stacks. So good to know people are keen to share the tools and tech they use to build and grow their projects!


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    I'm working on a product newsletter that I started a few months ago. It's on substack, but I want to move it to my on tech stack so I can have a better landing page, referral codes, etc. I think I'm going to use Webflow and Convert Kit.

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    I am taking a few hours off HackerIntro marketing efforts and seeing if I want to spin out the email preview testing infrastructure into a separate service (https://www.indiehackers.com/post/should-i-spin-this-out-f299cadc9e).

    Trying to see if I have a decent sales channel for it.

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    Just closing some feature tickets for Kalisten - Workout App (https://kalisten.app) before some deserved holidays, and planning the UX for this week’s (big) one.

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    Home screen widget and Share extension for iOS version of https://engramhq.xyz.

    engram is designed for quickly capturing thoughts and I'm trying to leverage the strengths of different devices to achieve this. (e.g. notes can be added with a single tap on Apple Watch)

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    I just finished redesigning my personal website / blog

    1. 1

      Nice website. The illustration at the start and the whole look/feel aligns well.

      Also, I like your Funny Weather app. It's quite well received.

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    Working on a bot protection score test service.
    I have a lot of experience with bots, so I decided to offer a service that would tell you how protected you are from bots - https://botmenot.com/

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    I'm working on Gyuck, which generates websites through AI. The AI is pretty basic at the moment but you can have a play :)

    1. 1

      Me gustaría participar

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    Continue to setup my Dribbble account here! :)

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    Working on adding a blog to AcquireBase 😎

    1. 1

      Wow. I'm gonna list some projects of mine with AcquireBase.

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    I just updated cover image and texts for my Gumroad product, an ebook Modern Introduction to the Linux Command Line. I also added sample pages so customers can peek inside, so have a look :)

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    Trying to figure out what the next bigger project for me should be. But meanwhile I've been working on a little website to pull out links from the comments on the "Ask HN" page. Often there is some great advice in there.


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    I am working on a beta release of Deployment from Scratch. I am getting close to the final release :)

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    Working on creating AWS deployment boilerplate for node over at useboilerplate.com. Still a work in progress :D

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    I am working on my side project Throngalong. 😎

    A SaaS tool to help you convert strangers on Twitter to friends and customers.

    To stay motivated, I could really use some feedback. 👉 https://throngalong.com

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    Catching up on some operational duties, and then I'll work on our new Docs tool. I'd love to launch it this fall.

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      Your mission and vision with lean20 are impressive. How are you funding three projects right now?

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    I've recently started building https://vibes.so in public. It's a tool for creators to increase their social presence and capitalize on it. I'm already dog fooding it, but it's not yet ready for public release, that's why it's still in early access mode.

    I'm having lots of fun building something from scratch at my own pace without VCs or pressure.

    1. 2

      Looks great! Found a typo in your faq.

      I've only reached the MVP state and have huge backlog and a far-fetchted

      1. 1

        Ooops, Thanks for that!

    2. 2

      Your site's design is great. From the logo to MVP image in hero section to design elements, everything looks on brand.

      I wish you the best with your product.

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    Working on a small personal project... to use at work. My first Electron app.

    1. 1

      Now you have sparked my curiousness... What does it do? Do you have a site or anything for it at the moment?

      Also, I was just checking out Yemi Blog. Do you have people using it? It'd be great if you feature bloggers on the homepage.

      1. 1

        No site yet.

        The company I work for has monthly 1 to 1 meetings. So I meet with my boss. Part of that is filling out a form each month.

        One of the questions asks how we'd rate company culture. This is always hard for me, because by the time I have the 1:1, it's at least a week into the next month. Trying to think back on the previous month and grade culture is about impossible.

        So the app sits on my computer's desktop screen - with a default rating for the month. When something happens during the month, you can click the plus or minus buttons to change the rating. And even add a comment to explain why it went up or down - which helps me explain the rating to my boss during the 1:1.

        As for Yemi, no one is using it. I thought it would be cool to create articles by simply pushing a markdown file to a repo - without having to setup your own static site generator and all that. We host, and you type markdown on your computer, then push.

        Hashnode had this type of feature in beta. Not sure if it ever got out of beta of not.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

  31. 1

    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

    1. 1

      I got distracted once and started to build something similar to this. Then I posted on Hacker News. I got myself banned there. That demotivated me and I stopped. It's a funny story.

      Your product seems new but how come you have reached 100 websites already?

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