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Only when we learn common objections we can try and address them on our landing pages. As founders, we are biased when it comes to our products, and that's why as a community we can help one another.

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I won't buy this because..."`

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    This is interesting...

    thisismyLaunch is a platform for launching new products and services where you can get feedback, build your audience before you even launch.


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      I will buy this because I like the idea. I'm impressed. Launching definitely is hard and we spend hours researching products to collect payments, building landing pages, gather feedback, and email lists. You have effectively brought them under one roof.

      I won't buy this because I don't like when products use stock imagery. Even though you have a great product, I come from seeing several scammy pages and all they ever had was stock images. It reminds me of that and makes me think twice. Your website looks generic and doesn't create a great 1st impression. There is no personal touch -- no real faces, video explainers to better understand the product. Pricing information was not transparent. I wasn't able to verify my email, because of that I wasn't able to try it.

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        Hey, thanks for checking it out. Stock images are only used for potential customers and placeholder projects because this is an MVP launched couple of days ago and only a small number of users are using it. All other images are original.

        Can you tell me more about email verification issue you encountered? You can also send me an email at [email protected] and I will check what went wrong.

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          I know this is your new venture, and at first sight, I didn't like the stock images in the hero section and then at the bottom. Just wanted to point that out.

          When I clicked the verification email sent to my registered mail id, it displayed a 404. I checked after some time and it was working properly. Maybe you didn't configure what happens after an email is verified through the verification link?

          One thing is, I'm not sure how the Shopify integration works. It might help you if you explain (or add detailed docs later) the "Buy button" image from your "Launch it" section of your landing page. Payments like pre-ordering, email lists, feedback and sharing are the most important aspects when launching from my view. So if you could maximize features for these aspects your customers will be delighted. It's like if you help them make they won't have any trouble paying you.

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      I also signed up, but stopped posting my project when i saw that there were no other projects on the site, so i immediatly got the impression that my project wouldn't get exposure on your platform.

      1. 1

        I’m working on this feature and it should be ready in a day or two. Create your project, make it public and everyone will be able to see it. Projects are private by default because a lof of people want to protect their ideas and show them only to certain people when they are just staring out with their projects. If you don’t want that, you can make your project public whenever you want.

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      Here is my take on it as someone who recently signed up for a few beta product platforms.

      I will use this for free because..

      • I'm looking for beta users for MyCheckins and I'm willing to try all platforms to get users/feedback.
      • When it comes to free platforms, I'm not very picky at the moment. The bar is quite low.
      • Sign-up seems easy enough. It's a low-effort task with a chance of marginal returns.

      I won't buy this because..

      • I'm not sure if I will find genuine feedback on your page. I see no incentive for a regular person to sign-up and give feedback on my project.
      • I don't see any real projects and listings anywhere. I would expect the home page to be a listing (like BetaList). I want to see real activity.

      Marketplaces are not easy. I hope this helps! All the best!

      1. 1

        When I tried, I was also looking for other projects. And then I realize it wasn't launched for the public yet and went to test further. As you said, I think there should be activity shown too. Things like leaderboards, points and some incentives that makers can offer in exchange for feedback will work well here.

      2. 1

        when you create your project page, you can also create rewards like discounts and free stuff for people who send you feedback. I agree you should be able to see other projects, right now this is not possible because there are only a few public projects as this is new platform. As new projects are being created every day, I will implement this feature in the next couple of days.

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    Ready-to-use widget to engage with your website visitors and turn them into customers

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      This looks great, really nice idea.

      Things stopping me buying it:

      • no video showing me how to integrate
      • no strong “why you need this” on the page
      • only once I go to the npm docs do I see that there’s a lot for me to copy and add to my site, it looks like a lot of work

      It looks great but the aim of this is to focus on the blockers - keep up the great work

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        Thanks a ton for the insights.

        • I am working on a demo video. What would you like the demo video to cover?

        • Certainly, I will put more emphasis on the value propositions

        • At the current stage, you'd need to copy-paste the code to my site but I would love to know your expectations so that I can refine this step. How would you like to embed the widget into your website?

        1. 2

          No problem I think think if you can do a solid job on the first two I won't mind the copy and pasting required, but until i really know what process looks like and the value i can get from it (time saved, money whatever) im not likely to just "have a go" unless i have exhausted all other options

          One thought i did have is if this could be done as a shopify (or similar) integration?

          1. 1

            Sorry for the late reply.

            Yes indeed, I have plans to support these widgets for platforms like Shopify and Webflow.

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    https://table.listws.com/ - Create a site from an airtable or spreadsheet in minutes

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Cinematic Studio (https://cinematicstudio.app) - a video editor focused on speed + simplicity
    (windows 10 only for now)

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    I’m interested in feedback on my project — doaccel.com. This is an unlimited design and development subscription agency. Just started working Worldwide.

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      I will buy because I like the idea. I've also worked in the past with a similar agency -- they have weekly pricing. I like you've got a simple pricing plan.

      I won't buy because

      • "Try 1 Day for $1" -- this just seems like a way to steal my credit card info. Seeing this is an instant turn off.
      • "Cancel Anytime" - this is another turn off. Basically you're entering me into a subscription based pricing, just so I maybe mistakenly forget to unsubscribe, and I'll just pay an extra month (or maybe more).
      • When you say "our work" - I would expect to be able to click any of the pages and see details.
      1. 2

        Hey John,
        Thank you very much for your feedback, I appreciate it.

        – All payments go through Gumroad and I can see only the last 4 digits of the credit card and payment system. That's 100% secured. But you're right, perhaps for many people, this test package may seem suspicious, as it does to you.
        – Yes, this is a subscription, but I'm a person who cares about reputation and building long-term relationships with my clients, so I wouldn't let that happen. If a client stops ordering work, I will warn them and simply cancel their subscription. I need to think about it because new visitors don't know about my principles.
        – Agreed. Today I'll add sort info and links

        1. 2

          Hi Saeed,

          Got it about gumroad, I didn't know this. What I suggest is something else -- maybe a one time payment for a week - so that would be $124.99. Maybe make that $99.99 for the first week, and say something like: get the first week at 25% OFF or something

          I do get that you're a good person, but someone trying you for the first time won't know that.

          Good luck!


          1. 1

            "I do get that you're a good person, but someone trying you for the first time won't know that." – yeah, that's what I wrote above.

            John, thank you very much for your time. I will analyze your advice. By the way, in about 10-20 minutes I will post a site with links to work.

            1. 1

              John, thank you very much for your time. I will analyze your advice. By the way, in about 10-20 minutes I will post a site with links to work.


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    Build a local cloud of user's devices connecting them all together. Realising edge computing with all the privacy benefits!


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    An easy-to-setup and safe-from-spam customer community forum: https://cafayo.com

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    Would you like to level up your mental game?

    • boost confidence
    • stillness
    • resilience
    • reduce anxiety
    • set goals and commit to executing with a stake for an action plan

    A holistic approach to Train strong and smart mind with:

    • Meditations
    • Hypnosis
    • Pep-talks
    • Biography Stories
    • Learning mental frameworks

    All here:
    Here is the app on the App Store

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    I'm interested in feedback on an ecommerce business of mine:

    https://threads.gg - esports & gaming apparel

    If that isn't your speed, I'd also appreciate feedback on some SaaS products I launched years ago to no avail:

    https://bastions.co - web regression test builder
    https://sitetap.co - competitor content tracking and analysis

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    Create simple shareable polls in seconds. No sign up required.


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      I will buy this because I like the idea and the QR code, which makes it easy to share the poll.

      I won't buy it because the poll options seem too limited for my needs, and I don't think I'd be willing to pay for polls. But I'm not a heavy user.

    1. 1

      Looks interesting.

      Why I would buy: Indexing is a big challenge and one of the primary reasons we don't see everyone building their own search engine.

      This could potentially push improvement in localized search as well.

      To that point I would actually like to use it for my startup. Let me know how can we connect.

      Why I won't buy: It took time to figure out what the story was describing. It assumes I already know about "information drain" problem (which atleast I didn't know). It's only the end when I could understand what it's all about. May not spend that much time.

      1. 1

        It took time to figure out what the story was describing.

        It's great to know that you have spend enough time to go through the website contents. Because the concepts are very new, we need to put efforts to educate the public in parallel to the development of the software. That's the prime reason why we're trying to build a bookmarking app on top Aquila Network to get people into using it. I have taken note of your suggestions on clarity of descriptions.

        To that point I would actually like to use it for my startup. Let me know how can we connect.

        I'm very interested to collaborate. Have been going through NimbleEdge website & Github repo and is very interesting. Even though our specs are designed to include edge devices, we're currently spending time on making cloud deployment easier (on the assumption that our market is there). We can 100% support you guys in any way we can if you are looking to port it into edge devices. Here's my email: [email protected]

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    Cool idea.

    Dev Concepts is a series of 12 e-books about Software Development and everything that gravitates around IT (IT infrastructure, Security, Operating systems, analysis, Product/Project/Team management, etc). The content is written with beginners in mind but can help everyone dive into new subjects & get a broader perspective.

    I sell the content in different editions, but also volume per volume for those who are only interested in a specific topic.


    1. 1

      Nice to see someone trying to tackle the “full stack stack”

      Reason I would buy, seems to be fairly extensive and cover everything.

      Reasons I won’t buy (assuming I’m not already a full stack dev, which I am):

      • buying process is confusing until I scrolled all the way down the MASSIVE page of sections and contents and found the buy button and all its options.
      • design feels “off”. Padding is too tight, line height is uncomfortable, the covers for each section of the book feels rushed (I hate drop shadows with a firey passion but that’s just me) - something about it gives a dated feel
      • your picture took ages to load on mobile, so over half my screen was a pixelated mess for like 5 seconds

      I would move the pre order call to action much higher in the navigation hierarchy and disclose all the other details after it. I wasn’t sure if I had to buy all 12 volumes separately, as one or what

      1. 2

        Thanks a lot for the feedback Simon, those are excellent points.

        I haven't yet figured out how to make the buying process less confusing. The fact is that I want readers to be able to pick what they prefer; either the whole thing (all 12 volumes), bundles (e.g., front-end related volumes), or buy volumes one by one. So far, I've used multiple Gumroad pages for this as they don't support my use case, but it really adds friction & confusion, you're right :x

        This morning I've tried to shorten the page. I removed the table of contents in favor of a link to it. It was clearly too long, I agree. I also compressed the cover images using tinypng, so that should be better now.

        And as for the design of the landing page, I really struggle with it. I'm probably going to work with a designer to help me fix it, as it's really the area I'm less comfortable with ;-)

        1. 1

          You're welcome, to be fair it's a really hard problem to try and solve so taking a few attempts at it is a good idea.

          I thinking working with a designer would be very sensible and probably the best thing you can do to increase conversion rates. As far as generating traffic I know when Josh Comeau was putting together his amazing CSS for JS Devs course he turned a few bits of what he was learning an researching in to blog posts. The full stack problem space is so vast your should easily be able to do that as well for some specific topics.

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    Sounds fun..
    Idea Planchette feeds latest trending topics to GPT3 idea generator and displays them as widget on iPhone/iPad

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    Alright, here's a very early-stage idea. Let me know what you think!
    Notitia is the AI sticky note that captures every insight your team ever has. https://notitiaworks.com

    1. 1

      I will buy this because I am deeply interested in knowledge management and structuring information, and am always looking for new solutions in this space.

      I won't buy this because it seems very limited in depth, and it's not clear whether I can integrate this with other systems, how information is secured and if it's possible to collaborate in real-time. AI seems interesting, but I need examples to see if and how it will actually help.

    2. 1

      I will probably not buy this because I am not a big note taker. I like to focus on few things and make connections in the head.

    3. 1

      I don't think I'm the right audience for your app but will try.

      I will buy this because it seems helpful for sharing team knowledge. If the AI works as advertised then it should help my business. A sneak peek into the interface would have been helpful in communicating what me and my team will be using.

      I will not buy this because I don't understand the value. AI sounds helpful but I'm not getting "how" it'll help me. I'm a fan of mindmaps + notetaking apps (they help a ton) but here I'm not sure. I don't know how AI is making this product different from regular mindmaps and knowledge-sharing apps. Also since AI organizing my notes, I start to think if it'll organize them in ways I don't want eg. mixing client/customer notes with project/team notes.

      I like how you highlight search as an option. When you launch, add more images of the interface.

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    Let's do this! Please be brutally honest!

    MyCheckins - Run daily stand-ups, sprint retros, and more within Slack.

    1. 1

      I will buy this because you got my attention right from the headline. That's a serious issue for employees. You have addressed almost every question I can think of for this product. Plus, you've got templates to get me started, that's useful. That overview of everyone's responses will sure help managerial roles.

      I won't buy this because you're showing me a lot of content in your content tabs. It's a good thing you're trying to educate us but it becomes too much when there are tabs inside of tabs Like "How MyCheckins can help.. Founders" tab has even more tabs inside. It can at least be auto-switching but here, I have to click click click... but when I visit the app it's silent. Onboarding was helpful but there should be more help -- help videos, knowledgebase/help center. I do realize this is new so am only pointing it out. Break down your "How MyCheckins can help.. Founders" sections into different pages and have a dropdown on the menu. This will not only help reach the right person without overwhelming them but will also boost your SEO.

      I don't really like talking to bots (nobody does) : ( add a human element to your brand identity. I'd rather answer a cartoon character than telling what I'll do for the day to a bot. Checkmark represents your product so you can try an avatar head with a checkmark in T shirt or something like a human head with checkmark near on the right side.

      1. 1

        That is super helpful! All points are solid takeaways - streamlining the use-cases, improving the onboarding, and adding a human element. I should be able to share some updates on these in the near future. Thanks!

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    NFT Hunt is a Product Hunt for NFTs

    1. 1

      There's nothing to buy since we can't directly buy your product so will try to put it this way

      I will use it because it shows the best NFTs to hunt, which itself is a trending niche. Although it's hype-built hoping on it earlier (i.e now) can be beneficial. This app particularly helps us do that -- find what's best and hop on it. The UI is also clean to some extent. It's minimal and without ads.

      I will not use it because it's not clear what it exactly does. Is it like a trending list, is it curated by an author, or is it from you (your NFT work)? You could add a short description on top. Also, the first thing I see a signup form, move it down if possible and show at least 1 NFT before showing the form. Then, I need to go directly to the NFT actually, instead of going to your listing page and then clicking "collect". If you really want me to use it try and minimize clicks.

      If possible try out other products from founders here and reply to them 🤗

      1. 1

        Thanks for this feedback, As the name implies PH for NFTs, Just a place to Showcase your NFT. Its open so any one can post but the post will be reviewed by me, Nothing thorough just to avoid scams.
        2. The SIGN UP form, I've A/B tested Different ways and that's what works best. The friction to go to a sign up page is not so good

        1. Also A/B Tested on having it be that once you click you are taken to the purchase page but that provided the lowest traffic to the site in a month, Thats why i stuck to this current method

        Will surely check others out

        1. 1

          If the current state works well for you stick to it for sure. Mine is only a general piece of feedback.

          Good luck with the app!

  16. 1

    (example) sales.hatrio.com - find leads for your business and automate sales campaigns

    1. 1

      (example) I will buy this because it will help me find leads and customers for my business, which is what I need right now.

      I won't buy this because idk if the product has done what it advertises, there aren't any case studies. The name sounds like "Hate" you can address this on your landing page with humor.

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