Landing Page Feedback April 7, 2020

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Ramon @rvitorper

Hey Indie Hackers!

I'd like some feedback on my landing page and my product as a whole. Here is the link:

I just finished it and now I'm trying to grow it and have my first users use and give feedback on my product.


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    This works well as a MVP, it simply tells the viewer what the product is and I don't find myself with any immediate follow up questions. I must admit I wouldn't be a user so this may be why I don't have follow up questions.

    The landing page is a bit too simple at the moment (this may be on purpose) however I think it'll be useful to make some changes to the format of the name, headline and description - particularly before you approach potential customers. Personally I think the page would be much more attractive if I saw Pitch in the biggest font and maybe a different colour (not black or white). I also think it'd be better if the landing page only displayed the name, headline, description and sign up buttons - the rest of the information (features, email, etc.) could then be viewed once you scroll through.

    The format of the features section could be improved in a similar sense - adding colour or icons to the 3 features could make it more attractive to read. I also think it's worth calling out why your product works better than your competitors - no need to call out specific names however you could highlight features in the sense of the problems you're solving. Once you have more users, it could be useful to structure a testimonials and/or FAQ section in a similar structure.

    Lastly I'm planning to build a landing page tool so it'd be great to know which tool you used for your site and what was important to you in this process. Please let me know if you're willing to share, thanks :)

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      Hey Krupali!

      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

      I used Mailchimp at first but then we figured that we needed something more customizable and we ended up coding the page ourselves.

      I liked Mailchimp, because it was easy and free to use for my case - even though I'd be fine paying for it whenever I had some traffic. Let me know if you need more info on this


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        No worries.

        That's interesting, thanks for letting me know :)

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    Hey Ramon,

    that's a great product idea.

    Here is some feedback on the landing page:

    • Work on your branding. The name, font styles, primary color all seem too familiar because is already doing it. And I think you won't be able to compete with them. Additionally, I think there might be better names to associate with podcast hosting services.
    • There is no logo or wordmark (saw that there is missing a Favicon, but then realized there is none anywhere)
    • Wording: You don't have to explain your planned business model. Therefore I'd remove the paragraph "What's the catch". Also no one should be "worried" after going through your landing page. So maybe change it to "Have questions? Talk to us!"
    • Hero Image: I miss any sort of visual appetizer. Head over to drawkit, humaaans, or openpeeps and grab something fitting.
    • Visual Hierarchy: Add some layers, like a different background color for the second segment of the page. Or display the three benefits on some cards, or in boxes... Also, there is too much text, and not enough whitespace. Your value proposition needs room to breathe :)

    Hope that helps. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Happy to help!

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      Hey Simon! Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'll get right to it.

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    Hey Ramon, what is the link to your product? Maybe edit the post to include it :)

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      Hey Kevin! Thanks for giving me the heads up! I totally forgot 😅

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