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Show me your cold customer research emails!

Stefan M @TalkToStefan

Having recently finished The Mom Test and being at the point of contacting potential customers to understand their problems and how they currently solve them, I'd love to see examples of cold emails you sent out (and hearing about the respective levels of success)!

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    Here's one that I use with very good results. It's very targeted towards people in our industry who are thought leaders or producing really good content.

    I don't send it to many people, but get very good response rates.


    Hi {first name},

    I'm part of a new startup, {link to landing page}, on a mission to make hot teams; teams that are an order of magnitude more productive than their peers. We're starting with remote teams.

    I'm a big fan of your blog; your writing has inspired a lot of our product decisions {can share examples here}

    If you have some time next week (15 minutes is a good starting point, though we usually run long!) it would be amazing to demo it for you and to get your thoughts and feedback on what we've got so far.


    How it works
    {description of how it works here}

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      Thanks Sobbuh, appreciate it!

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    I started with this template and changed it a bit, instead of "founder" using "Computer Science Student" etc.

    One in twenty emails get a reply and then we schedule a call through Calendly.

    No one accepts money from me.

    All chats are nice and friendly, because they don't feel like I'm selling them something.

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      Thanks Alex! I'd read this before but forgotten about it, so thanks for the reminder!

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    I collected a bunch of cold email templates and put them up on a site I mostly used them for investor outreach. I think they are a good starting point but obviously lots of modification is required ;-)

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      Thanks Brandon - as you say, a good starting point!

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    Here's a cold sales email template I used - achieved 75% open rate:
    Hi [Name],

    As you’re the [Role] at [Company], I wanted to reach out.

    I work at a startup called Wildkard, a new kind of team collaboration/training platform. We launched recently, and many youth teams are now using Wildkard to build a strong culture and community. In speaking with coaches/leaders, we’ve learned of some challenges; overbearing parents, fragmented experiences, athlete disengagement, team culture/priorities, etc. I’d love to learn about your challenges, and see how we can help.

    Have a few minutes for a quick call?

    [Your Name]
    [Website link]

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    Here's the email that Ilya from Datanyze sent to Ben (VP of sales at Kissmetrics at the time) to ask for his feedback:

    Hey Ben,

    I'm a first time entrepreneur and I just started to build my product. I. looking for experts in this space and several of my friends pointed in your direction. So I was hoping you could give me your feedback before I spent too much time building something that nobody wants :)

    Here's my idea I have a crawler that crawls millions of websites daily and can see who started a free trial with Mixpanel Instantly. Do you think Information like that would be valuable for somebody like KISSmetrics or I just wasting my time here?

    Thanks in advance!

    (Ben was really impressed and ended up being Datanyze's first customer and later joined as a co-founder.)

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      Thank you - I like it!

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    Is it actually still ok to cold email people? I thought with GDPR marketers would be a lot more careful with cold outreach but I seem to be receiving just as many marketing emails as before - for lists / from people I did not subscribe to.


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      Hey Joey - it seems to be ok... that said, I'm not really looking for spray and pray marketing emails, more direct contacts to understand problems within an industry. A number of people have written blog posts and guides suggesting it's ok, so long as you follow some steps such as: targeting certain people rather than mass mailing, offering the option to opt out etc :)

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        That's fair enough :)
        Just something everyone has to be careful with is all :)

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    This one I wrote to couple of YouTuber lately for side income for web development.

    Here it goes

    Hie {First_Name},

    Just found your YouTube channel few days back, saw couple of videos. They were really great. I also went to your site and noticed that doesn't do justice to the kind of knowledge you showcase. At NutPanda we work on making great customized websites and we are pretty good at it. If you wish to upgrade your site then we can have a chat someday. We can also help you collect your payments online. Keeping short and simple for now, thanks for your time. Will be awaiting your reply.

    {Site Url}

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      Thanks Ankit, I see this is more for sales... appreciated!

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