Design and UX January 24, 2021

Show me your product video 📽️

Gustav Ekerot @upat5_gustav

Hey, This week I'm producing a product video to show on my landing page and I'm looking for inspiration. If you have one I would love to see it, or if you have another favorite please share.

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    Hi Gustav! We just created a 2D animated video to show our product features: Hope you'll find some inspo here!

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    Here's one i made for our landing page. It's an explainer more than it shows the actual product, but it gets the viewers hyped up.

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    Hey! I just recorded some videos that I'm going to be placing on new Features pages for Nodewood. One common bit of feedback I got was that people wanted a demo or some videos to know if Nodewood was going to be what they were looking for to build their next web app with, so I figured some tightly-focused videos would help people decide.

    I used CloudApp to record them. Some tips:

    • Get a good microphone, if you can.
    • Increase font sizes. People might be viewing your video at smaller resolutions.
    • Close extra tabs and hide your bookmarks bar.
    • Do a few dry runs before you start recording, or go ahead and record, but be willing to throw a few away first.
    • Record locally, even if your app supports real-time video upload. You may want those files for editing.
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      Great tips! It's crazy how many reruns I have already done trying to record my screen, always one misclick or something stupid that throws the whole video :D

      Your videos are on point, super clear.

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      love it, I'm going for something similar to this, text -> UI -> text and so on. I'm also curious about what software you made it in?

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      Hey @BraydenTW,

      What software did you use to create the video?

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    Meet the 🦸‍♂️ Super Heroes 🦸‍♀️:

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    i have it on the landing page first thing 😄

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    I created a demo a video a few weeks ago, first attempt at doing one myself (not a video editor in any way). I don't think its quite right so need to have a go at creating a better version but if you wanted to check it out and have any feedback that would be awesome.

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    Here's one that I hastily recorded 30 minutes before our Product Hunt launch last week: It's not great, way too long at 10min.. but it's actually had a big impact on sales. I regret not getting a video up sooner.

    Edit: haha just realized I was replying to you @upat5_gustav and you're probably well aware :)

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      Yes, I have seen this before 😻! Not too long in my opinion, very informative. I have also neglected video for too long, it's so powerful to show off features before a user commits to trying a product out.

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    Hey Gustav, we went for more of an info-based video for OpinionX. You can see it right at the top of our landing page here or here:

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      Well done sir! this is on another level. seems like a very useful product as well, congratz

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        Thanks man! We pieced the video together using PowerPoint animations, copyright-free music, iMovie and an affordable Fiverr voice-over artist :))

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    Hey there Gustav, this is my prototype for a relaxation App idea that I am developing based on my abstract minimalism artwork.


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    This is a non demo example I made for a basketball app on the IOS store.

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