Show off your IOS app. Ill review for free

Been an app developer for 5+ years! Will review your app for free :)

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    Thank you!

    Pleke is a PFM app to create a budget, enter transactions and remind how much is left to spend on each category in order to stick to the budget.

    It also projects the credit card bill and balances of accounts at end of month to avoid lack of funds and overdraft fees.

    I'm worried about onboading, as it requires setting up accounts and budget items to begin with.

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      Hey man. Sorry for the delay, I didn't get a notification of your comment lol.

      Anyways, here we go. Ill give you marketing tips as well! :)

      1. Straight up the bat, your screenshots/ICON doesn't grab attention. Most of your downloads will come from search, if people ever do come across your app, they'll most likely skip it. (I can help you with screenshot/icon design, DM me)

      2. You have no onboarding screens pre sign up. I love the AUTH signups like twitter/google but you should consider having screens to showcase how cool your app is. People have no idea who or what your app is after download (impress them)

      3. When I do finally sign in, the actual onboarding is tough. Very confusing. I use Mint and personal finance and they both do all the work for me. I tried to input stuff but after a while I just stopped.

      4. Your app is pretty good. If you can get people to get past the onboarding, they'll stick around.

      MORE TIPS:

      • Get rid of your ads (admob?). Ads don't make enough money in this niche (not enough impressions), funnel everything to your subscription page. You should have your subscription page right after sign up as well.

      • Stop putting more features until you get your onboarding right. No point in making the app better if users can't get past signup.

      I can give you more insights and help with the screenshots/Icon. DM me!

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        Thank you, really appreciate your input!

        My focus is on marketing and onboarding, after building V1 I need users and feedback to decide on new features.

        I will remove the ads and add an onboard guide before sign up.

        Your DM is closed on Twitter, just sent you an e-mail.

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