Show off your landing pages, I'll review!

Hey everybody,

I fancied taking a small break from programming at the moment to see what I can do to give feedback to others - and possibly help.

Plug your landing pages and give me a little bit of info about what your product does and I will give you feedback based on my own knowledge. I will try review as many as I can get back to :)


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    I would love some feedback on my site, https://partnerwith.io

    Lots of thanks, Clarie.

    1. 2

      Hello there,

      First of all, the name actually works really well with the business. Just from seeing the URL I had a slight idea what it could be about so that's a bonus for sure.

      For your heading and subheading, I think they do great with letting the user know what your product is - it also goes well with the single image on the right. Personally I like having that visual to understand what it looks like so I can workout what it's about.

      You've used a good amount of text in your "Unlock multiple revenue channels" section, however I believe you could space the sections on the right hand side out a bit vertically so it fills the full box and makes it easier to understand each point.

      One last point which might just be a personal thing, but you could try differentiate your "Pricing" link in your navbar from the login and signup. For example if you have more links to go you, you could move the Pricing to the left instead of the far right.

      All the best!

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    So when were you actually going to do what you said in your main post? Many landing pages remain without comments from you

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    Hey Luca, we would love to hear your thoughts about our landing page https://teamflect.com

    1. 1


      First of all great product! I actually really like your landing page - has a good amount of information and is really well put together. I like all of the easy-to-understand pictures and the placement of those.

      I don't have anything bad to say, actually.

      I wish you and the team all the best!

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    Hi, please review my betting app site called dota2plays.co

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    Hey Luca, I'd love some thoughts on my site, https://keywordcaddy.com

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    I recently made this, would love to know your thoughts. https://submark.co

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    Hi Luca, I am currently in the process of reworking my landing page at https://screenbud.com/ and I would love to get some early feedback, if you have the time.


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    Appreciative of any feedback about the landing page for my travel calculator site:


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    Hi there, thanks for this initiative!!
    our landing page is www.dropcontent.info
    many thanks!!

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    Am I late to the party? :) Thanks Luca for doing this.

    I just launched a couple days ago, but I feel like my home page lacks something. This is a remote developer job board with transparent salaries:


    1. 2

      I disagree, found it very easy to use and the information is portrayed perfectly

      1. 1

        Hey thanks man, it means a lot!

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      Hey Daniel,

      Not late at all, although I got more than expected! No problem! First of all I think the text shadows should be removed, although in a way they make the text stand out, I feel like a flatter look and more simple would actually go a long way.

      Technology and performance wise, I see you use React. To help with the sites performance more, especially when more jobs get posted, try to no display the job listings that are not yet displayed to the user. As the user scrolls, then load more. I see you already lazy-load images which is good. You can use a library like react-window for such thing :)

      I hope all goes well!

      1. 2

        Thanks Luca!
        Will definitely try it out.

        Funny thing is, I already implemented this infinite-scrolling behaviour, I am glad it works smoothly you didn't even notice ;)

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    Howdy Luca! Def feel free to skip mine if you already have too many! :) getdewwy.com ... Also I wanted to maybe not say anything about this proj to see if my message is coming across on the landing page accurately.

    1. 2


      I actually like the idea of this product - it's pretty cool. I think the site shows off what it does exactly, especially with the image of the iPhone mockup. The colours work well together and I think it's a clean and simple site.

      All the best!

      1. 1

        Same - I actually subscribed! ;)

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    Would love some feedback on my site launched a few weeks ago: https://www.alienrent.com

    1. 1


      Cool concept, I do like it! An issue with your routing is it does not actually change the URL. I think this is not that user-friendly since we have to use buttons on the page to go back to where we were, rather than the back button on the browser. With this it also means you cannot link other users to a product or a page. I see you use React, you can use something like react-router for such thing :)

      For design, you could possibly move the top content down slightly from the navbar since it seems a bit close together. Being really picky, I think you should format your Privacy Policy to use html and headers - this helps gains the users trust in renting their items through your platform.

      Nonetheless though, I hope it goes well!

      1. 1

        Thank you! Really appreciate it! I'll change it asap :)

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    I built quite a few about a year ago here:


    (haha you don’t have to review each 😉)

    1. 2

      Hey Brayden,

      Cool logo for BuildFaster, first of all! I like the simplicity of the site, and it shows exactly what you're offering to users with good screenshots for each.

      Just to be picky, I think a more vibrant and eye-pleasing colour for the button "View templates" would be better. Here's an example (https://imgur.com/QD3YJgH) - Hex Code is #ffae17 incase you prefer. In conjunction with the white text I think that looks better, but that is completely up to you and your preference.

      I hope it goes well !

      1. 2

        Thanks so much!

        BuildFaster is an old project I don’t plan to update but this is super helpful for the future! I plan to either do a total rebrand of it or start a new site.

        Thanks again!

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    Hey! Check us out here: https://coveidentity.com/.

    Happy to help you in return wherever possible :)

    1. 1


      Cool site, and I appreciate your offer to return. First of all nice colours, I think they go pretty well together. I would say maybe add a box shadow on your navbar so you can tell the difference between that and the content below since it is the same background colour.

      As for your header "Your safe space online.", I think you could increase the size (and possibly boldness) of that. Try keep it in correlation with the image on the right because right now the image overpowers the text (the image is a good size).

      As for the rest, I think it works well and is good. I like the animated illustrations using your product :)

      I hope all goes well!

      1. 2

        Appreciate your inputs! Thanks a lot :)

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    Thanks for your offer. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on my project https://easyfaq.io . We have only recently started.

    1. 1

      Hello there,

      First impressions - clean! I do find the colour's a little bit dull. What I mean by that is your I assume branding colour you're using on your buttons. I just tried to adjust this locally to see, personally I think something slightly brighter such as #31dccf would be good (ref. https://imgur.com/9gwaZMT). But that's totally up to you!

      The interactive use of your tool on the right had side is great, made me easily understand what you product is and can do from the get-go.

      The section below the header (ref. https://imgur.com/sTKU6NQ) I think should be moved down slightly and images accompanying the text - https://imgur.com/2xEAgnw

      Other than that, I like it. I hope it goes well.

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    Howdy! Thanks for doing this. Would be great to get some feedback on TurboNav: https://turbonav.com/

    Currently a landing page with no product, I’m working on an MVP so the idea is to get people to sign up, let me know what you think

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    Hi Luca, wondering what do you think about this simple page - https://remlus.com/. We've just soft launched recently. Thanks for your help!

    1. 1


      Unpopular opinion - I like the yellow. I know some people don't like yellow on websites and/or landing pages but it fits well.

      The font used for the header is really nice, and goes well with the rest of the site. Highlighting the Feedback is a good idea, and nice addition to really display what you are providing here! I like the image on the right as well, it's clean and informative... but maybe could do with increased quality? Maybe I'm just being picky.

      The section where you display the features (https://imgur.com/8vBmhRI) is nice. I like the simplicity and it's super easy to understand.

      Keep going, and all the best!

  18. 1

    Hey Luca, would love some feedback on tooltipr.com

    Cheers, Kevin

    1. 2

      Hey Kevin,

      I like your product, I can see how helpful and easy it would be! The interactive examples you've added are a perfect way to get users using your product without them knowing at first.

      A few points I have about your feature content (ref. https://imgur.com/egnD68O), I think you could vertically space out between each point and increase the size of both the header and subheader text. Try to fill up more of the page to decrease whitespace (but not too much).

      In terms of the focus outline on your buttons, they are great, but could maybe be removed on your links (those with no background colour).

      Other than that, it looks good - all the best!

  19. 1

    Hey https://nfthunt.softr.app/ NFT Hunt:Product Hunt for NFTs

  20. 1

    Hey! Thanks for offering to do this.

    Here is my landing page: http://featurebase.app/

    1. 1

      Hey Bruno,

      Wow! I could be bias here because I really like website designs like yours, but I think it's really eye catching and professional. I love the "roundness" and almost playfulness of the site. The dark theme goes well with the branding gradients of the buttons, and again the heading and subheading fit very well with the right hand image to tell the user what it is you offer.

      I do believe that maybe the gradients on headers such as "Collect feedback in one single place" could be slightly altered - I'm not 100% sure on the pink side of it but that's just preference so take that as you will.

      I like the fact that it is in your face with what you offer, but not too overpowering that I'm having to look at 100 things at once. The pricing page is also colourful and simple to understand.

      All the best!

  21. 1

    Hey Luca, thanks for doing this.

    Your feedback will be appreciated, https://stage.so/

    1. 1

      Hello there,

      First of all, it looks like a great and useful tool with lots of features - and that's just from seeing the little video below the header. So I believe it's doing its job of being informative. As for the header and subheader, I can easily make out what it is you provide and the value it can make to others.

      I like the addition of being able to view a demo, that was fun to play around with for sure. You should try to promote that interactiveness with the user more by maybe adding "Try our Demo" in the navbar. Demos are a great way for those viewing to quickly test before they signup and if it's at the top that makes it easier for those to click.

      As for the rest, pricing page is easy to read and navigate. The patterns page is good for users to view what you have to offer, although, I believe rather than making the filter show a new page which adds a bit of flicker, you could maybe make it a query parameter. For example if I wanted to look at Launch Screens, the URL would be /patterns?filter=launch-screens

      Nonetheless, good luck!

    1. 1

      Hey I noticed a typo on the page:
      From startups to well known companies, the world's best teams use Wicked to state theire presence.

    2. 1

      Hey Michael,

      You really do have some wicked templates, lives up to the name! The colours are great, and I like the typing text as well as some of the animations such as "All the features you need" when scrolling down.

      Just one a site I looked at earlier, I love those type of rounded and bold buttons I think they go great with the brand and the sites you're presenting.

      Those mockups to display the website with the view on mobile, browser, tablet, etc are nice and helpful to see the site from all angles - as well as the in-browser preview for each!

      I don't really have any complaints as far as I'm aware, so all the best!

  22. 1

    Thanks in advance. This is my landing page https://castpie.com/.

    1. 2

      Hey Josh,

      It's a great site, although I think two things could be changed that I saw right away. To make the site more fluid, you could try preload fonts so you don't get that small flicker as the fonts load and change. Secondly, you could possibly make your headers a bit more bold. I think I understand what you're going for of it being calm (tell me if I am wrong) but it looks like the sub-header is the same boldness as the header - try make it stand out more that's all!

      I do like how each section is differentiated and has a slightly different colour background - this works well. (https://imgur.com/ZQudWNc)

      All the best!

  23. 1

    I would love some feedback on my soft launched landing page https://www.fetcho.co

    1. 1


      Of course this is soft launched and that's great! I think adding some graphics to the page to make it more "alive" could be a great addition. Depending on what look and feel you're going for, that could be illustrations or real images of pets. What I mean by that is something like this style (https://imgur.com/gBcvYYn). You can see that a real image is used in a funky way with some main features. If this works or fits in to your style, that would be great!

      All the best!

    1. 2


      I like the tool you're providing here, very useful! The first thing I noticed when visiting was I thought not everything had loaded properly, however it is just large margins between your header top and bottom. I think you could tighten them up a bit, as well as possibly add an image to the the left or right side of that header to make the page more active and eye-catching.

      The content below "Building a CSV Import Tool is Hard" is a decent amount of text, but could also be too much to take in and read. Try also shorten the descriptions up a bit so the user gets the important information they need in a few seconds of reading.

      For SEO purposes, I advise you to create new indexable pages for pricing and features. This way it's not all on a single page, and search engines can index those pages for better exposure :)

      All the best!

      1. 2

        Thank you. All valid points. We are in the process of reworking the site and will keep this feedback in mind.

  24. 1

    Just soft launched this one :) Would love feedback if you have time!


  25. 1

    Would love a review of https://uecasts.com if you have the time!

    1. 1


      File sharing and storage is a great market to get into actually, I was looking into that market as well a little while ago! I definitely think you could tighten up the content on your page horizontally. What I mean by that is try move it to the centre more, so it's all in the eyesight of the user!

      All the best!

      1. 1

        Thanks for your feedback

  26. 1

    Love to get a review on my site GrowthHunt.co


    1. 1

      Hey I'm not OP but here's my $0.02

      With the name GrowthHunt I immediately had a predetermined image that it would be something similar to ProductHunt. When I first loaded the page I was a bit confused. It wasn't clear what this website was. It said "Grow Your Business" but it wasn't really telling me how I was going to grow my business. The "What is this?" section was helpful but it doesn't feel very professional. The overall design could be better and the text is hard to read on the background image at times.

      With all that said don't be discouraged I'm horrible at design. I think if you were to get a cleaner landing page it could help portray your message better.

      1. 1

        Thanks @Winslow! I appreciate all feedback and I agree with all the points that you've mentioned.

        If I can just get more information from some of the points:

        "It said "Grow Your Business" but it wasn't really telling me how I was going to grow my business."

        Did the "150+ Growth Strategies case studies at your fingertips" or "Access Database" not give you an idea what the site is about? What I can add on or change to make the site clearer?

        "The "What is this?" section was helpful but it doesn't feel very professional."

        How can I make this section more professional?

        Thank you!

        EDIT: I've made some changes. Let me know if its better!

  27. 1

    Would love a review of my landing page for Recollect https://recollectapp.co/

    I've just soft-launched so any feedback is much appreciated! Thank you : )

    1. 2


      I like the simplicity of the website but I feel it could be lacking some information that would grab the attention of the viewer and help them understand that this is an extension. Normally you want to not bombard the user at the top of the page, but include some more information.

      Also a possible, to be as user-friendly as possible, you could include the Pricing and Contact in the navbar - I think this would help the user navigate faster!

      All the best!

      1. 1

        Great feedback, thanks Luca!

  28. 1

    Hi Luca,

    If you are a developer then you could be really helpful evaluating https://www.uclusion.com

    We are preparing for a PH launch. There is more work we have identified for the blogs, on-boarding and Algolia hasn't hooked me up with doc search yet for the documentation but anything else you find would help immensely.

    Thank you very much,

    1. 1


      Starting with the pricing page, I like how easy it is for the user to understand what each subscription has access to. Back to the homepage, I actually really like the addition of the "impact of your progress" slider - it makes it easy for the user to understand how your product will add value to their life.

      Being picky, but the header "Agile project management without all the meetings" could be enlarged with "Introducing Uclusion" above, made a bit smaller - I think you need to get in the users face that your product is a project management tool, and possibly more information on the product as they scroll down the page.

      Try not to overload the user, but make sure they understand what you're offering to them. Video's are a good addition I see you've added, possibly more screenshots though?

      Nonetheless, it looks good and I hope it goes well for you and the team,


      1. 1

        Thanks very much Luca. I've put in a quick fix for the header and I think your suggestion makes it look much better (plus gave me space for a few more words on top).

        On your other suggestions I have to think more about it. We experimented with annotated screenshots in the past but moved to video because the screenshots explanatory value was limited. Maybe we went too far and I should put back a screenshot or two but that will make it less likely they play the video.

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