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Based on this post I build Fifty, a way to showcase/discover interesting products/projects by Indie Hackers in 50 characters or less. I will also be featuring one Indie Hacker project per day on Fifty.

Add your own - or drop a link to your project below. I will try to feature everyone, but the earlier you join, the earlier you will be featured.


EDIT: Take a look at the analytics

EDIT: I've spent +- 24 hours adding submitted projects to Fifty, and I have to say - I am really impressed by this community. I've seen some awesome projects. I will do my best to get as much exposure for Fifty as I can - so these projects can be viewed by as many people as possible.

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    Actually I just submitted StockAlarm to the list a few days ago haha!

    1. 2

      One of the 'early adopters' haha 💪

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    I added my product, but the one survey question about $ to promote - I really can't answer that honestly until I see how much/if any traffic this sends. Maybe rephrase the question around "If Fifty were able to send x visitors/day while featured, how much would you be willing to spend to remain featured y days longer?"

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    Rumin is a browser extension to capture learnings as you go, and a web app for effortlessly organizing them:

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    Feature monkey is a feedback tracker to help build what users really want.

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    Nice idea! Added Plausible Analytics https://plausible.io/

    1. 2

      Awesome - I actually use plausible for analytics on Fifty! Take a look: https://plausible.io/fifty.weekendprojects.xyz

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        Ahaha that's nice Hessel! I totally missed that! Great spike from Product Hunt by the way!

        I'll share your site later today on our Twitter!

        1. 2

          Awesome, thank you!

            1. 2

              Just saw it - thank you!

      2. 1

        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    Contextualise (https://contextualise.dev/), a personal and collaborative knowledge management/documentation application. It’s a MIT-licensed open source project: https://github.com/brettkromkamp/contextualise

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      Looks awesome - did you submit it through this form?

      1. 1

        Not yet! Still have to get some essentials in place before that.

        1. 1

          Cool - looking forward to it!

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    I added SKWSH to the list! SKWSH is a next-gen dating app that lets you match, chat, schedule a date, and meet within hours of matching!

    We launched today on Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skwsh.app&hl=en and launching v soon on the Apple Store. Check us out, getskwsh.com


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    Just added my recently launched product: Portfollow https://www.portfollow.io/

    Thanks for the initiative, it's great!!!

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    Launched it last month.
    In-Depth Webinar Course on Facebook Ads Targeting - https://gum.co/aZmeh

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    Great idea Hessel! Added my new startup https://leaddelta.com/ a smarter way to manage your Linkedin connections. :)

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    mowned.com - already completed the survey :)


    1. 2

      Awesome - will add it ASAP ✌

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    Added CrwdCoach.com; great idea - thanks!

  13. 2


    sent mine too. I think the pricing proposed is fair. Usually people ask for hundred of dollars and you really start asking yourself if the ROI works. If 10 bucks, it's a coffee, you can just write it off and get impressed with the result

    1. 1

      Yeah, I wanted to keep things reasonable - and I am going to be featuring projects if people pay or not - it is more just to accommodate people that need a feature on a certain day bc they are launching, need the promotion, etc.

    1. 1

      It's on the list!

    1. 1

      Awesome - it's live on Fifty ⚡

      1. 1

        Great, thanks and best of luck for Fifty !

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    I launched it two days ago, it's Community Finder: https://community-finder.co

    Bots to manage your telegram, slack and discord communities.

    1. 1

      Cool idea - don't think I've added it yet, but I will get around to it ASAP ✌

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    Cool! I saw your project on PH and added my product.

    1. 1

      Awesome - I will do my best to promote it!

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    Added https://pingr.io

    I would show how many characters left when describing a company in 50 characters or less, otherwise it's inconvenient

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    Sounds great! 👍 Here is the link to my current project: https://waitlist.sideschool.com/

    1. 1

      Looks cool - did you add it through the survey too?

      1. 2

        I did just now! 👍🏼

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    Great idea - just listed staticforms.

    Similar to 10words.io, but I think there's room for more of these promotion services if they are inexpensive and can target specific audiences.

    1. 1

      Thank you!

      Yeah, I think each promotion service challenges the founder/maker/indie hacker to describe their product in a slightly different way - which helps them think about how they would pitch your project.

      The more you describe something in a slightly different way, the better you become at talking about it.

      1. 2

        This is so true. Every time I write anything about StaticForms I get a clearer idea about who it's for and why it will give them value. Over the last couple of months it's started to change the direction of the product.

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    Adding Neatly - https://useneatly.com/ - I can't say how much I'd pay without knowing how much traffic Fifty generates

    1. 2

      Fair point - I've made the stats public to please have a look 💪

  20. 2

    Adding upstamps.com to the list. Awesome 🚀

    1. 1

      Oops, I think I missed it - I will add it ASAP!

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    Hey there @hessel,
    Just added Fourth P in the list!

  22. 2

    This is a great idea @hessel.

    I have just added Startup Sanctuary on your site!


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    Just went through the survey, how much I would pay definitely depends on the audience. I am considering paid advertisement on platforms like betalist, betapage and they are charging a lot more than $10, but they also have been at it for a while so they have well defined metrics on what you can expect to get for your money.

    Anyway, Portabella (https://portabella.io), an end-to-end encrypted alternative to tools like Trello, Jira and Asana

    1. 1

      Yeah, a lot have people have made that point - and it is a valid one. I've made the stats public, but I agree that Fifty has to mature a bit before I can consistently charge for it.

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    Added https://www.solfej.io/

    Interest implementation of the idea you’re going for

  25. 2

    Added https://www.eatradar.com

    I chose nothing for payment as that solely depends on how much traffic the website brings each day/month.

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    Adding my project remoteletter.com to the list :)

    1. 2

      Added to Fifty ⚡

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    Great idea! 👏 I already added my products "Sweet Hue" and "Influego" 👍

    1. 1

      Great, I've added them!

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    Very cool! I added my product tendii.io through your survey :)

    1. 1

      Awesome - I've added it!

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