Shuup - Flexible, powerful, lead driven e-commerce SaaS platform.

Hey community!
I've just launched Shuup and I would love to get some web design feedback.
Thanks for your valuable help!

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    The page is not working, I am getting: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

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    The page overall is good, but there are a lot of information, and it makes it a bit too long. So here's a list of suggestions you could follow to make it more reader-friendly:

    • I would put the latest webcast recording and latest shuup news at the bottom of the page instead of the beginning: the visitor still doesn't have a clear idea of what shuup is so you might what to go a bit more straight to the point.

    • 2 ways to setup your multivendor environment: I'd put this part in a FAQs category or something else, this info is important to understand the strategy behind shuup but not to understand what shuup is. And as the page is already quite big, you might as well remove a few elements like this one. Or put it more forward to explain very clearly what shuup does.

    • Create a multivendor marketplace today --> you can either take it off or put it at the very top of the page.

    • Lastest multivendor news --> same comment as for the shuup news.

    • Find your multivendor feature package --> this could be combined with Our software packages, it would take less space on your page and present a more global vision of the different options one can have when using shuup.

    • Custom multivendor marketplace development --> I think you can take this part off as well.

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    i don't understand what you do without clicking the link

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      Yup, I think the same. Doing "everything" or too many things is a great way to miss clients. But I could be wrong in this case, (I don't know how many clients are using it) . But from what I've learned, if you offer too much, then clients will get confused and go for the more simple and direct solution. "We do x for x by x"

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