Coronavirus April 7, 2020

Side project: Coronavirus cases near 10-mile radius of your location

Salil Sethi @Salil

Hey guys,

Over the last few weeks, like most people, I've been checking coronavirus numbers. I'm mainly curious to see how the numbers change near my family and my location (e.g., 10-mile radius). Most dashboards give numbers by state or city/county.

Since I couldn't find a convenient way to track numbers, over the weekend, I put together a web app that shows the total number of coronavirus cases near a location.

I'm using geocoded data from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus University for this project.

Here is the link to the project -

I'm hoping you can use the application to track coronavirus cases near you and your loved one's location.

The next step for me is to add a quick way for people to give locations and email address and I can send them daily updates for locations they care most about.

Currently, the 10, 25, 50-mile radius only works for the US. The JHU data is geocoded only for the US.

Look forward to hearing from you. Any feedback, suggestions, etc. would be super helpful.


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    That is fantastic. Thank you!

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      Thank you.

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        It helps me, personally, to cut through all of the clutter and JHU is one source that I would inherently trust. 🙏