Signing an NDA as an individual


a big US company (I am European) want to make me an offer for my app and they want me to sign a mutual NDA but because of some changes in my life I dont have any legal entity at the moment so I am wondering, is it risky for me to sign it as an individual ?

I know that I will need it one day but I would prefer to hear the offer before going into the administration stuffs, also as I dont monetize the app, all the informations I will give are already public, so its more about them here..

Thank you for your help

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    It depends (sorry for giving the ultimate lawyer answer).

    It depends on:

    • Is the NDA about your app or anything else?
    • Who created the app? You on your own or with someone else?
    • Who has the IP rights over the app? Only you or someone else as well?

    From your question, there is a likely scenario that you are a solo entrepreneur who was incorporated but liquidated the company. If that is correct, then you are the IP owner now, so if the NDA's goal is to protect your app from having details disclosed to third parties, then it doesn't make a difference.

    However, the right answer is - it depends.

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      Thank you for your help.

      The NDA is about the futures discussions, because they are the buyers I think is more about my informations (informations about my app) than their informations.

      I created the app alone and I have all the right on it, I am a solo entrepreneur and I dont have any company.

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        Then they'll sign the NDA with you as an individual. No issues at all.

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          Thank you, I just wanted to be sure that signing it doesnt put me in a risky position.

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