Growth August 5, 2020

Signups flooded in, now I'm lucky to get 1 a day...

Louis Tromans @LouTromans

Signups stopped.

I hit record numbers, now I can't get 1 person signed up a day.

I don't know what happened? I was getting loads of people through the door at one point - up to 17 a day!! (all from Indiehackers and Twitter mainly).

Now I'm lucky to get 1 a day.

Indiehackers, what do you do when you're in a marketing rut? It feels like anything I do doesn't lead to signups or anything....

Where am I going wrong?

Here is the landingpage: Spread

(I do have a high conversion rate, up to/around 14.5% but it's actually getting people ON there that is the problem I'm having right now...)

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    Well, it isn't that surprising. IH is a relatively small community after all.

    It's hard to identify the problem without knowing what you are doing right now, but I am sure that there are better places to look for subscribers than IH (Facebook groups, subreddits, and online community for content creators for example).

    Are you using Twitter search to engage with people who have the problem you are trying to solve?

    Why don't you do a Youtube video where you how your product work? Then convert the video into a podcast and a blog post.

    More generally, are you doing content marketing with your product? It seems the best way to improve the product, gain trust snd visitors.

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      How many IH users do you think there are in total?

      Thank you for this mate I really appreciate it!

      I'm going to look into twitter search and really nail it the best I can.

      I have some blog content ready to upload for SEO too

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        It's hard to say.

        You can use a proxy. Every new user becomes a follower IH founders (Courtland and Channing Allen). Both have 78k thousand.

        I don't know how many people find out about this fact and stop following them but my guess is very very few. I also don't know when they started doing it.

        How many of these 78k registered users are truly active? It's really hard to say because in every community a huge percentage of users are just "lurkers".

        If I had to guess, I would say 10-15k.

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    I've also run into this issue and like others have mentioned, IH is small, and maybe you've tapped out your Twitter network.

    Think about switching up channels. I spent yesterday joining new Facebook groups, for example, and playing around with Quora and reddit a bit more.

    Here's some other channels to try out as well.

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    Turn early users revenue into ads. Use testimonials, case studies. Throw it all into Google and FB ads. If you make videos, YT ads to walkthroughs. Advertise a FB group on FB for pennies per person. Create a community sharing best practices with spread at the center.

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