Simple CTA trick :)

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    This is great @harrydry ! Huge fan of marketing examples

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      oh sweet - thanks for taking the time to read it :)

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    This is great. Pretty sure I've clicked-through on all of those "afters" at one time or another. I get an itchy trigger finger for the back button when I see "Get started" and "Apply".

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    is it a good idea to include the objection in the actual CTA? (button in this case) vs having it just outside to the side or below?

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    Level 2 CTA and micro copy. Always work! Thanks for sharing :)

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    Good share @harrydry!
    This will definitely be a good candidate for some A/B testing.

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    Is it backed by any hard data? The first column keeps it simple and doesn't force me to think what "CC" is.

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      Spoke to the CMO from Trainual on LinkedIn. And apparently 18% lift in on traffic to trial conversion rate after adding “no cc required” to the button.

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        Thanks. I'm already testing it since today morning :D

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    Very nice trick indeed!

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    Great examples! Is there a maximum of words that you recommend for the CTA?

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      Probably 6/7 max.

      Someone replied saying if it get's long you can write the “Objection Handling” underneath the button itself :)

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        Ah smart one! Thnx for replying

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    Great advice as always Harry!

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    Was browsing CTA's for a landing page guide I'm writing and realised a load of them follow this simple pattern :)

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    Loved it when i saw it on twitter!

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    Well, I guess service like mine that recently went back to asking for credit cards can ignore the first one... 🙂

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    This is clever, to the point and awesome @harrydry :)
    CTA button is one of the most significant buttons and making the things easier for user always works in our favour.

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    Great tip. What do you think about capitalizing words vs. writing in lowercase?

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      I'm testing this on my CTA button now...

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      Thank you Amy. TBH... I'd be lying if I said I had any clue. Any hunch yourself?

      Be a cool test for a site with loads and loads of traffic. Just noticed Amazon goes uppercase for non small words — “Add to Cart”

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        Harry, remember when you said that copy on your page needs to feel authentic? Capitalizing word by word is IMHO doing the opposite of that, it's mimicking ads that would appear on Google Search or other platforms IMHO. I would personally NOT capitalize things ever if possible.

        Thus and IMHO...
        Either go:



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