Simple Payments as a Service for serverless app?

I'm just starting to figure out how to add a premium layer to my extension/app, BrainTool. It uses an extension to control the browser but mostly operates as a web-app running in an independent frame, and reading and writing to a plain-text file that the user controls. Its all served statically from github so I have no back end server. I envision needing to support options for a one-time lifetime payment, monthly subscriptions, and a monthly-pay-annually-with-discount.

I had assumed I'd use something like extensionpay by @glench which, given the right Stripe setup, seems able to do what I need (and btw looks nicely done). In looking for a non-extension based solution most seem to assume I set up something like Firebase or run on a CMS like WordPress.

It seems like a common problem. Any recommendations?


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    Do you use netlify, firebase or other functions? You're going to need them if not. There's no way to process a payment strictly from a browser unless you link to a 3rd party processor.

    Stripe requires a secret token that is stored on a server layer to authorize the payment.

    (edit after re-reading)
    If it was me, I'd recommend setting up netlify or firebase functions. You'll likely need some backend service at some point. Stripe isn't very difficult to setup within serverless functions.

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      Thanks @ThatMiracle . I had hoped that a linked third party processor could handle tokens etc, return a subscription id and have some kind of endpoint I could subsequently query to see if the sub is still valid. Doesn't seem like anyone is doing that tho.

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        Hey @tconfrey, here's the github repo to the neltify + graphql + stripe skeleton. Should be enough to get you started with bare minimum.


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          Thanks! I'll take a look. (FWIW in my research thus far I've been leaning toward firebase, it seeming to provide more services that I might need in the future.)

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        Not in a way that makes sense, I've got a Netlify functions, stripe & Graphql skeleton that I've been meaning to push up to Github where you just need to set some env variables. I'll get that pushed up and shoot you a message so you can use that if you like.

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    There is Partia.ly that you can use as a stripe/backend payment processor also. No need for a server, but difficult to customize.

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      The mentioned link (Partia.ly) doesn't work for me.

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