Site Builder with CMS — $149 Lifetime Deal

Hi guys, I got featured on BetaList yesterday and decided to run a 24 hours Lifetime Deal.

The difference between Inverr vs other Drop & Drag site builders, you can:

  • CMS, connect to your Google Sheets, Firebase, Postgres, or other databases
  • Choose and launch an app from our Appstore
  • Track and manage your app from mobile

The deals are available on https://inverr.com

  1. 0

    How do you plan to be profitable with a deal like that?

    1. 2

      Those are definitely not profitable deals in the long term. I set only a few available spots within 24 hours

    2. 1

      I've always assumed these deals are to generate quick cash and to help build social proof by getting a few customers.

      1. 1

        Sometimes it is.

        In my case, I was hoping to boost the awareness a bit. I haven't talked much about it online, and have served only people I know

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