Siteoly - Hits $1K ARR

Siteoly - A nocode tool to build websites from Google sheet in a few minutes.

We have hit 1K ARR this week with happy paying customers.

Celebrating the small win with 5 coupons of 50% lifetime discount - 50PERCENTOFF

This means you can validate your ideas, build websites with data, create a niche, launch on PH at just $4/m , less than a cup of coffee.

Try http://siteoly.com and lock you life time price for $4/m

  1. 3

    congrats @upenv! Would you consider selling it?

    I put together a small group that buys profitable nocode companies. This fits our thesis super well and just thought I'd see if that sounds interesting.

  2. 1

    Congrats! What are your thoughts on Google AppSheets ? Are you afraid it could eat at your market cap?

    1. 2

      Frankly speaking, No. Because App sheets primarily for business applications (like small scale tools) where Siteoly is for normal users. Because of AppSheets, more and more people are realising that Google sheets can be used as CMS and sites can be built using Google sheets. So, its a positive sign.

  3. 1

    Big milestone, well done!

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