Landing Page Feedback February 13, 2020 - Simple Site Management for Freelancers 🖥

Landon Roddenberry @LandonR

Hey guys, I'm about to finish up the testing phase for my latest project - -
and I would really appreciate any and all feedback.

Thank you for the help!

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    Hey Landor. The idea sounds good, but I can't access the website. Hope you're aware of it.
    In case you’re still looking for more feedback, I’ll be more than happy to give you my detailed thoughts.

    Me and my partner will be giving personal real-time feedback in a video chat for this whole week to help other founders.
    Check out for the details.
    Hope to see you there.

    P.S.: Anyone who wants to get feedback is also welcomed 👍

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    Site looks good. Maybe a bit too much green. AI know your logo is green but not everything needs to be a shade of green. The grey on the top is a bit too dark as well. Other than that the layout looks solid. Good luck on your project.

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    I also want to add this feature in my new site of

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    Maybe if you could explain features in a more detailed form with the examples that could build some more trust.

    Hosting is difficult, trust is very important I wouldn't want to host my client website to find out that something went wrong with plugins update and it doesn't work in a subtle way, as then depends on the contract it could cost me dearly. Updating modules you become somehow responsible for somebody else code, I think that's a pretty dangerous thing.

    Nitpick the contact email is Gmail not in the main website domain. ( it seems a bit odd ).
    The green on grey it looks a little bit weird IMHO.

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    The website looks pretty solid. Maybe it could show more screenshots or a video tutorial.

    I wouldn't use the underline font for anything but links though.

    As @falcon007 already mentioned, the Home button in the navigation is broken (works only on the start page).

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    Hi @LandonR,

    I like your simple one-page design and especially the section on Features and Pricing.

    Few things that I noticed:

    1. After I click pricing and then I click on Home, nothing happens
    2. I suggest you have a very light background for the 1st section, dark grey is a bit too much
    3. I suggest you remove the underline for websites, instead make it bold if you want to highlight it.
    4. When I click Get started now, It asks me to create an account, I suggest you add Google / Facebook login to make it easiers for users to signup.

    All the best.

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