Six months of launching tiny projects

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    Amazing read Ben! Thanks for sharing.
    I've been aiming the same ever since the lockdown began.After 2.5 projects I've come to realization that:

    1. Ideating is hard.There are so many people building the same stuff-with slight variation, if so.Even if you had thought about something novel to build, there are already many similar-ish products/saas in market.
    2. Once I start building, I found myself easily going in the rabbit hole - iterating until perfection, which is never achieved :) Your approach of fast paced short sprints to check if the idea is hit of miss is really intriguing & I'd love to try it.How did you divided the chunk of tasks to get them done in a week - despite of your day job?
    3. I dont have a community to shout about my project yet.I think HN (and its reposts) need some luck of its own kind - which I am yet to receive.Even though I made on the PH homepage, the traffic soon died w/o any actual customers.It'd be great if you share how you build an audience around your Tiny Projects?
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      1. I'm guessing for this point, the most important thing might be to create enough interesting content enough times in order to get that audience over time. I.e. quantity over time.
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