Slack app build - week 3 update - why bother? 🤷

This is my third weekly follow up post to my first build in public project I started here.

Every project I do for myself seems to have this stage. I haven't got anything done on the project this week. I have just been in a thought loop.


  • Why bother? No one is going to find this let alone install it and find it useful
  • But how do you know unless you complete it and put it live?

Check in next week to see if I get anything done or abandon the project!

  1. 2

    Why bother? Because you won't know or learn until you try, and you'll die never knowing. 💪

  2. 1

    This is why people talk so much about validating your project before building it.

    Post your progress here, on MakerlLog, on Twitter, on Reddit, or where your target audience is, tell us/them what you have accomplished, show us screenshots, get some feedback. That really helps to feel that people care about what you do and maybe even get a few first users.

    Or you can realize that your project is not solving anything worth solving, and move to the next idea without a doubt (happened to me a few times) before you are too emotionally invested.

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