Slack office booking app - week 2 update - coding complete

This is my second weekly follow up post to my first build in public project I started here. My previous update is here.


  • [ ] Work out how customers can pay, I was surprised to find Slack doesn't handle this for a cut.
  • [x] Finalise how everything is going to work.
  • [x] Complete API build.
  • [x] Testing!
  • [ ] Add analytics so I can learn about what people do and don't use.
  • [ ] Decide on a domain.
  • [ ] Create landing page.
  • [ ] Submit to Slack for approval.


  • It's likely that the initial version will be 100% free. I was thinking about what to charge and concluded I don't know how it's going to be used, or if anyone will care about it. I'll decide on pricing and build that part when I have gathered more data about how it's used.
  • Slack is a easy platform to build for, it's been fairly logical. The only thing I wish they would do is return a 4xx error rather than a 200 with a response of {ok: false}.
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