April 2, 2019

Sleepedy landing page feedback

Lately, I've made some changes to the landing page of Sleepedy, and I would love some feedback.

  • Can you quickly understand what it's about?
  • Does it communicate what value it has to offer?
  • Design, colors, etc.

Please don't hold back on the critique. At this point, I'm willing to change everything.



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    Looks pretty bare. Could use more content, especially around Benefits + Social Proof (see https://unbounce.com/landing-pages/7-elements-of-a-winning-landing-page/ )

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      Thanks for your feedback and I think you are right! I will make more content a priority.

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    I love the simplicity! I agree with some other posts that it could benefit from having some succinct social proof on the first page (but I like the fact that it doesn't involve much scrolling).

    I also wrote a blog post on the technique I use to fall asleep backed by science - maybe this would be helpful to your program? https://innerpieces.blog/2018/01/04/how-to-fall-asleep-in-15-minutes-or-less/

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      I agree and I'm working on the social proof :) Thanks for the feedback!

      I'm trying to avoid relying on techniques in the program. The thing is that people that have had insomnia for a while have already tried a lot of things, including breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, sleep hygiene advice, medication, yoga, meditation, supplements, teas and ...well you get my point.

      If you really are struggling with sleep and have done so for a while the gold standard is something called CBT for insomnia. Which is recommended as the first thing you should get before anything else (that includes medication) by the American College of Physicians, The American Academy for Sleep Medicine, the European Sleep Research Society and the NICE guidelines.

      CBT is something I do for a living and something that I have seen work for my patients time and time again.

      A little longer post than intended, and I'm not trying to put down the technique that has worked for you. I think it's important that people know that insomnia actually has a really effective treatment option that has extensive scientific evidence.

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    • It's clear what it is, already knew what CBT was.

    • Pretty quickly jumps to pricing would be nice to have some concrete examples, maybe testimonials.

    • Design is clean, heading seems a little large and I noticed the div#app was a little off center on my screen size

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      I will definitely try to get some testimonials as soon as people start to finish the program.

      I'm looking into the design issues.

      Thanks alot!

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    I really like the simplicity of your website, I personally have insomnia issues, so the catchphrase really does catch my attention. The only problem is I don't know what is CBT and I don't have much interest to read a text of walls to find out what it is, would be great if you can include a shorter (TLDR) version or a video to educate your visitors on what is CBT and why should one pay for it.

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      I Agree, a video or graphical explanation how the product works would be beneficial.

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        I agree and I'm thinking about making a screencast where I introduce the app and at the same time try to explain how the method works. Thanks for the feedback!

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    • You're tackling a real problem, so that's a good start. I don't suffer from insomnia, so I can't really talk much about the problem, but from what I know, insomnia can have a lot of nasty consequences. Without being too sensationalistic, I think this is the kind of product where insisting on the problem, its consequences, and especially the solution you provide with its results can work very well here. For example, stressing statistics about how lack of sleep can lead to more accidents could prompt people to take your offer more seriously and act more urgently.

    • "Struggling with sleep?" That's a decent headline as it identifies the problem, and people will recognize themselves quickly and keep reading. You could go with something more curiosity-driven and more information by spinning it into something that's more like "10 reasons why you need to fix your insomnia now" (that could also be a section in itself).

    • "Sleepedy is an online-based program designed to cure your insomnia." That's ok-ish but it doesn't really sell the value. What's an "online-based program"? Am I just getting access to a website I'm going to read? Is it a cookie cutter website or is it personalized? What kind of results can I expect? (That's where you'd like to quickly introduce elements of proof to support your product right away).

    • "How it works" I like that you're introducing authority in this section in the form of medical research, etc. but "Bob" and "Susan" sound like made up people. You need more authentic proof to support this stuff otherwise it's going to sound scammy (that's nothing specific to you, by the way, it's just the common point of view people default to when looking at health products online).

    • "Get Started" comes too early for me. I barely know what's in the product. What is it concretely? Can you give me screenshots? What will you do to fix my insomnia? You need to describe that process in detail. The value in most products like that is not so much the content as the accountability. E.g. "We will set up a process together to ensure you reduce all potential causes for insomnia (including some you may not know about), and check regularly to see how you're doing."

    • "I'm offering full access to Sleepedy for six months for $39." If you're going to use "I" you need to introduce yourself somewhere. If you're well known in the field, good, if not, you probably want to avoid that.

    Let me know if that helps. ;)

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      Wow! This is gold. I really appreciate the time you took putting together this post. I'm going to take some time to consider everything you said here, and I will comment again when I incorporate your advice.

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        Please let me know when you incorporate this advice.

        With more info about your offer I could be one of your customer :)

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    Hey @andagr,

    I really like the "Struggling with sleep" title. Its size catches your attention and hits directly on a pain-point.

    I also appreciate your link to the definition of CBT and its references.

    Perhaps, I would delete "not a quick and easy fix, but a tool" to avoid discouraging potential users.

    I find it cumbersome to have to give you my email to signup. In general, it is a LOT more likely that I sign up to websites that give me the option to sign up with Google/Facebook/Twitter.

    In case you want feedback from additional potential users, I suggest you join @fvarela 's feedback exchange list. https://forms.gle/vfnB2K1Qymsx6GkB9

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      Very helpful. Thanks! I agree with you and I'm removing that part. And social signups is something I'm considering.