Small pivot. Big redesign. Tell us what you think.

Hey, I wanted to share Raport with you. It is our reporting app, currently in beta-testing phase. We are a team of 2 and we're trying to show our work to the world.

We've got 40 signups during last 2 weeks and already got some feedback. We noticed that people use primarily one of our features. That's why we pivoted a bit. We redesigned the website to focus on this one feature and made it easier to onboard.

I'd love your feedback on the webpage. Do we communicate benefits of using the app in a clear way? Is it easy to understand what the app does?

Any feedback on design, copywriting or how the service works is more than welcome.

If you've got any questions, we're both available to answer.

Here is the link 👈🏻

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    Hi Jakub,

    Great concept! I'm in the target market so I'll give you my feedback as a potential customer.

    I have quite a bit of feedback so just to say first that I think the design is really nice, it's a slick/clean page and I can understand what your product does — that's half the battle. I do think there's room for improvement but it's easy for me to sit back and give constructive criticism and I want to start with the fact that it's a solid landing page and the below are all just ways I think it could be even better :)

    1. Based on the headline of the site, I initially thought this was an email-only solution, then as I scrolled down I noticed there's also a dashboard. If I hadn't scrolled I would've misunderstood what the product does. I think a more concise way of summarizing would be something along the lines of : Consolidate all of your reports into one simple dashboard with weekly email reports in just a few clicks"

    I also think you need to put yourself in the users's shoes and answer how your product makes your product makes life easier? E.g. something that says "Stop spending hours copying and pasting data into spreadsheets" (ideally with a very pithy sentence that grabs the reader's attention).

    Lastly, what does "fully automatic" mean? And where do you arrive at 4x faster? These lines raise more questions than answers for me.

    1. The site could use some social proof...are any brands are using it? How many people are using it? Are there any star ratings? It feels like I'm the first one to use the product so if you can include anyone on a brag bar that would give me more confidence to try the product.

    2. I suppose it's because I've seen so many SaaS websites but I assumed it was a freemium product. I see the "free beta" in the top right but I think that could be emphasized more.

    3. The logo is a bit generic / similar to Google Analytics. I'm mindful that you're early stage but I think it's worth investing into a stronger logo as that really sets the tone.

    4. Rather than "SEO position" on the above the fold image, I would highlight a more meaningful metric, for example organic traffic. Keyword rank tracking has become less relevant with personalized search and this implies that you're tracking one overall average ranking number which isn't typically how companies track SEO performance.

    5. The core features sections could use punchier copy. Aim to say what you want to say in 2 sentences max. Some of the copy is vague and could easily be cut out, for example " Data is aggregated by metric and joined with useful dimensions." This doesn't tell me anything.

    The copy could flow better in parts. For example, these two sentences should be flipped around (tweaked them a bit too):

    • Never worry about missing a critical event again.
    • Get notified with custom alerts when when anomalies occur.
    1. There are a few bits of copy that detract from your credibility. For example, this sentence has 4 asterisks for features that aren't ready yet. Why not include the ones that are ready and say more coming soon?

    e.g. Revenue from Stripe﹡, Shopify﹡ and Google AdSense. Pageviews from Google Analytics. Ad clicks from Facebook Ads﹡ and Google Ads﹡.

    Also, small thing but the period should be inside the quotes here: "spreadsheet analytics." and "up-to-date" needs hyphens

    1. I would recommend using the rule of 3 and condense the steps at the bottom to 3 easy steps. People's brain's are hard-wired to take information in sets of 3 and it will make it look easier to get started. I would argue that signing up doesn't need to count as a step and could just be a CTA button beneath the 3 steps.

    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks, that was really valuable. It's the most comprehensive comment and feedback I've gotten on IndieHackers.

      I agree with most points. Will discuss them with my co-founder and add them to our roadmap.

      I want to refer to some of the points you made:

      1. We've changed the headline couple of times and tested some of the ideas you had already. We decided to focus on email reporting, because it is something our users use most often. But we may pivot again.

      We added "fully automatic" to distinguish ourselves from some of the competitors who need you to create and configure reports based on templates in complicated tools.

      1. "Data is aggregated by metric and joined with useful dimensions" - I agree that it is complicated. It means that one metric in our app can represent multiple metrics from other apps. e.g. all your costs (ad spendings, server costs etc. ) are summed and displayed as a single value.

      2. We get it often and need to change that.

      We fill fix the spelling errors.

      Thanks again

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        No problem, glad it was helpful.

        That makes sense in terms of the headline. Above all, go with what's working!

        For 6 what if you said something like "Aggregate all of your spending in one place to keep track of your costs."

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    It's a pretty neat idea. The site looks nice. I skimmed through the headlines and got the gist of it. Didn't bother reading the details because I don't normally do that unless I am considering signing up.

    Why I wouldn't sign up - trust. It's a lot to ask for a little startup to access all my data, even if it's read-only. How secure is it going to be? I don't know.

    "﹡We are working to bring those data sources to you. Coming soon." - do you have to say that? You might say something like XYZ integration shipping 1 Jan 2022. That's concrete and if you deliver on it I'll trust you more.

    It looks like you have a few integrations already. Go after the people who need those first and foremost, then add more as required.

    One thing is not clear - how do you integrate with PG and Mongo? GA and other 3rd party SaaS is clear - I give you a key. What about the systems I run myself? Do I have to install your s/w? That would be another can of worms unless it's open source.

    "Create a free beta account" - how about just "Create account"?
    You can warn me it is early days during the sign up. Not a biggie. Not sure "free" makes me want to click on it any more.

    Hey, I actually like the idea. I'd love to start my day with an email with my AWS billing and other metrics. Will follow your project.

    If the above was of value, I'll appreciate your honest impression of stackmuncher.com and the search part of it. Ignore the pages linked from the navbar.

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      Thanks, for a comprehensive review.

      We knew, from the beginning that security could be big issue to some users. Right now, we briefly described our practices here. We are committed to it. In the future, when we scale we will submit to security audits.

      I agree that "Coming soon" is not precise and someone may think that we're not focused on the idea. We are. It is a good idea to set shipping dates for integrations, we will try creating publicly available roadmap.

      Integrating with databases is addressed to technical users, who know what they doing. You don't need to install anything. We basically do it like any other such tool (e.g. Zapier):

      1. You create user in your DB with restricted access, based on your requirements and on what data you'd like to track
      2. You allow access to the DB from one of our IPs
      3. And submit credentials in our app.
        The process is not easy and intuitive, but we plan to write docs on it. For us PG integration is very useful internally. We're tracking number of registered users without building separate dashboard or writing SQL every time.

      Right now we've got pretty good signup CTR, but I think we could implement shorter button with just "Create account" text and see how it performs.

      AWS integration is pretty far on our roadmap, but if you'd liked to be notified, email me at jakub @ raport.pro. What's probably not clear on our website is that metrics can be aggregated by type - you will be able to view all your costs in one metric. Not only AWS billing, but also Ads spending and other costs can be display as single value.

      I really like idea of Stack Muncher, pretty impressive what can be done with publicly available data. I would probably add some autocomplete to the search bar, to make searching even easier.

      The result page was a little confusing at first, I searched for "go" and saw devs with other stacks. Then after a while I've seen that "go" was highlighted. It may be a good idea to make searched techs more visible or show them at first position under developer name.

      I would also probably remove markdown and templating languages from result page (unless of course someone is searching for Markdown developer). Somehow I feel that under each person there is too much information I didn't searched for.

      One last thing that comes to my mind is that it would be cool, if I could filter developer's projects by language.

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        Thanks Jakub. These are really good suggestions!

        In terms of your security, I saw this to play out many times.
        There is a number of users who don't care. They are usually small users and churn often because you don't stay in business for long by being slack.

        The bigger fish and the more savvy will simply shy away from it unless you are a trusted brand.

        StackMuncher is in a similar situation - https://github.com/stackmuncher/stm_app lives on the dev's machine so STM can only see metrics, not the source code the dev is working on.

        I thought that something along these lines could work for you.

        Tag me if you need another review later. Happy to help.

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          Yes, something like that could work, but we would need to collect raw data ourselves. We are trying to go another road and offer extensive library of integrations based on existing systems.

          Right now, we are focusing on reporting from external data sources i. e. Google, Facebook, Stripe

          I agree that we need to build trusted brand. Hopefully we'll get there.

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    Hey Jakub, interesting product! I don't have any feedback on the landing page itself, I don't feel I am experienced enough to say anything about it. What I did notice is that there is no pricing information available on the page.

    What I normally do when I check out a potential product is: check if there is a free tier, and what the next tier will bring if I exceed the free tier, and what it will cost me.

    Hope it helps.

    • Daan
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      Thanks, we are currently in free beta. You can sign up and use Raport without limits.

      We will introduce pricing when we are out of beta. Right now we are testing the product and work on new integrations and features.

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        Ok that makes sense. It might be wise to create a (small) text on the page to explain that, for anyone looking for pricing.

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